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PK's Play Zone & Grille Retrofit Case Study


PK's Play Zone & Grille

Parking Lot Lighting Pk's Play Zone is a new and large indoor family amusement center located at 10019 West Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida in the Colony Crossings Plaza.

Our Customer

Since PK's Play Zone is open until midnight some nights of the week, the owners decided they needed to make their parking lot lighting brighter for the safety of their customers. The savings on energy consumption was an added bonus for their reasoning.

Our Solution

In order to improve their situation, the focus was on lighting visibility, low maintenance costs and, of course, low energy consumption.

HTM Lighting Solutions proposed a solution of replacing 38 1000W Metal Halide Bulbs inside their parking lot fixtures with 38 of our 150W LED Corn Lights.

Results & Benefits

Before the retrofitting of the parking lot lights, PK's Play Zone was paying annually, on their electricity costs, a little less than $20,000. By switching to our LED Corn Lights it will only cost them a little less than $3,000, per year. This is a huge savings of about $17,000 per year!

Parking Lot LightingOn top of the energy savings, PK's Play Zone can expect to pay a lot less in maintenance costs. The average lifespan of a 1000W Metal Halide bulb is around 16,000 hours. With the amount of hours PK's uses their parking lot lights, they would only last around 3.5 years. Now with the new system, the average lifespan of our 150W LED Corn Lights is 50,000+ hours. Which in turn means they can expect the bulbs to last more than 11.5 years!

One of the best parts of this parking lot LED retrofit case study, besides all the savings, is that PK's Play Zone is able to get their return on investment in just 4 months.

By upgrading to LED Corn Lights for their parking lot, PK's is now saving thousands of dollars a year with a significant increase in visibility, making it much safer for their customers.

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  • Hugo Merminod