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Case Studies


PK's Play Zone & Grille Retrofit Case Study

PK's Play Zone & Grille

Parking Lot Lighting Pk's Play Zone is a new and large indoor family amusement center located at 10019 West Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida in the Colony Crossings Plaza.

Our Customer

Since PK's Play Zone is open until midnight some nights of the week, the owners decided they needed to make their parking lot lighting brighter for the safety of their customers. The savings on energy consumption was an added bonus for their reasoning.

Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts LED Parking Lot Light Retrofit Case Study

120W LED Retrofit Kit By HTM Lighting Solutions

Find out how the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort establishment is expected to save over $45,000 throughout the lifetime of their NEW LED Fixtures from HTM Lighting Solutions after making the switch to upgrade from their inneficient HID Parking Lot Light Fixtures.

AirPark North LED Retrofit Case Study

400W Metal Halide Fixtures For Loading Docks To LED Retrofit Solutions

After learning of the advantages of Commercial Outdoor LED Lighting, the owner of Airpark North decided to explore the possibilities of upgrading his commercial plaza to LED. At the time, the owner was paying on average, over $7,128.58 per year on electricity costs alone. After moving forward with retrofitting his commercial parking lot to LED Lighting, he started saving...

Tampa Superior Structures Outdoor Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit

80W LED Retrofit Kit for 250W Metal Halide Replacement

Want to find out how this smart business owner started saving thousands of dollars from a smart, yet simple investment?

Due to the upgrade from HID to LED, the owner of Superior Structures will save $1,520/Year on his electricity bill. Prior to the LED lighting installation, the lights used a total energy consumption of 2.9kW. After this LED Lighting Retrofit in Tampa, FL the energy consumption dropped to...

Kathleen Beauty Supply T12 To LED Lighting Retrofit Case Study

T12 to T8 LED Lighting RetrofitIn 2016, the owner of Kathleen Beauty Supply evaluated his lighting portfolio and realized that he was spending nearly $7,000 on electricity in his store per year. In addition to his costly electric bill, his beauty supply store was dimly lit, which made it hard for customers to accurately choose the correct beauty products for their skin, hair, and nails, among others. Find Out What He Did To Reduce Overheads