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5 Different and Creative Ways To Use Original Barn Lights


Vintage barn lights have become real in a world where almost everything has become virtual and unreal.

While distressed décor has always been popular, it’s only been a few years that vintage barn lights have soared above as the hottest trend. This is no surprise, as these vintage barn lights offer connection to the past, even in a modern farm style home or retail storefront.

It takes the art of re-purposing to an entirely different level, providing a stunning case of ingenuity and cleverness in their usage.

Creative Usage of Original Barn Lights

Designers love to use LED gooseneck lights, not only for their classic retro look and ultimate versatility, but also for the quality lighting they produce. People hoping to create a dramatic contrast to the background of their art gallery or high-end restaurant can make use of vintage barn lights.

Original Barn Lights and How You Can Include Them In

Barns: With the concept of repurposing buildings, designers have turned their attention to barns and old farm buildings. With a bit of work and installation of quality gooseneck lighting fixtures, an old barn can be revamped to any usage.

Homeowners who wish to renovate their old barn to a more modern design - even if they plan to use the building’s original purpose - will see a world of difference in quality of lighting.

Warehouse Loft: Original barn lights and warehouse lighting fixtures evolved at nearly the same time. Used for the single purpose of decoration in loft, studio apartments and studios, barn lighting fixtures enhance the retro vibe that creates a dramatic, but soft, shadowing effect.

Opt for a gooseneck barn style warehouse shade on your walls and see the change in design and lighting. Or, emphasize a piece of artwork by using this lighting fixture by HTM Lighting.

Garage: Gone are the days when homeowners used to pay little attention to their garage. While installing a bare bulb on the ceiling might have worked before, homeowners are increasingly making use of original barn lights with goosenecks by installing them in strategic points. This does the job of providing light as well as making the place look beautiful.

Outdoor Lighting: Scoring top points in functionality and versatility, the wall mounted gooseneck lighting fixture has always been commonly used on agricultural buildings. Slowly, the fixture found its use in home décor and functionality. Available in different styles and colors, these lights can match the outside of any home style.

Industrial Buildings: Just as in retail storefronts and buildings, RLM gooseneck lighting fixtures can be installed in industrial buildings. This is done to emphasize a sign, either inside or outside of the building. Newer, and more energy efficient lighting fixtures are being manufactured that use LED bulbs.

There are so many reasons to use original barn lights, and now you know all the different ways these lighting fixtures can be of use. Be sure to install high quality lighting fixtures. Take a look at our B2B Discount Program as well, if you’re a commercial retailer of lighting fixtures.

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  • Hugo Merminod