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Garage Lighting Using Gooseneck Fixtures


When lighting for a home, one of the most common, yet most important places to light up is the front of a house, typically above a garage to light up a driveway.

Lighting should be just bright enough to be able to see when getting in or out of your car at night and provide some extra security to a home.

This can easily be achieved through the use of Gooseneck Barn Lighting, which is available in a variety of arm lengths, shade diameters, and options for light bulbs to ensure a home is well-lit.

Single Garage

Single car garages are simple enough, typically 7-8ft in height, and about 10ft wide. Typically, lighting can easily be achieved using a 14in or 17in Barn Shade with 14-1/2in Gooseneck Arm, as seen in the image to the right.

Double Garage

Homes with double garages, or garages that are a bit taller will need more fixtures to ensure even and bright lighting in a space.

As a result, it is typically recommended to go with at least 2x fixtures mounted at either end for optimal driveway and garage lighting.

Detached Garage

Yet another option to consider when it comes to lighting options is a detached garage.

Since the space is typically used less frequently for storing RVs, boats, etc, not as much light is needed.

In cases like these, typically most of our Gooseneck Light Fixtures will work depending on personal taste, while keeping in mind the mounting height to light the ground adequately.

Home Exterior Accent Lighting

Since our gooseneck fixtures are available in various collections, it’s easy to mix and match fixtures to create a unique matching set.

For example, you could pair different shade diameters and arm lengths from our popular Fovero Collection, similar to this barndominium! 

Outdoor Wall Sconces also help provide accent lighting to a front door or entrance area.

With countless options available, it’s never been easier to find light fixtures that provide adequate lighting and a modern and elegant look to a home!

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  • Michael Tomas