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Gooseneck Lights for Garage Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting for garages comes in all styles, sizes and shapes. But when it comes to figuring out the perfect garage lights for you, we are not biased when we suggest gooseneck lights as an option.

At HTM Lighting, along with endless LED lighting solutions, we also specialize in gooseneck lights that give your garage the perfect touch. Browse through our collection and explore the various options to get yourself started today.

There isn’t another classier way to light up the place around your garage door. Let’s break this down. Here is how gooseneck lights over the garage work:

Breaking down gooseneck lights

Outdoor gooseneck lights have the traditional curvilinear design found in barn lighting decades ago. Abiding with Dark Sky rules and regulations, gooseneck lights point downwards to direct light in a specific direction. The fixtures themselves are quite heavy duty which makes them ideal for outdoor applications.

With the wide variety of gooseneck lights, you can also purchase ones that have adjustable necks to change the direction of the shade and focus light in a different direction.

Reasons why you should choose gooseneck lights for garage doors

Apart from the rustic vibe and classic touch, gooseneck lights also offer a number of other benefits that include:

Flexibility of placement

Garage lights are necessary because they establish the first impression of your home. They offer lighting to the entrance to the garage.

Apart from that, they also come off as the perfect decoration. You can even swivel the shade around to light up any spot you like.

Design options

Contrary to popular belief, gooseneck lights do not just give a rustic vibe. We stock a large collection of gooseneck lights that come in a large variety of options. Whether you are looking forward to give a modern or classic touch to your garage door, we have the gooseneck that will work for you!

More control over lighting

Would you have bulbs installed here and there around your garage that throw light in all directions, or would you have a light source that is inherently directional to light up the garage door? The latter is what gooseneck lights offer. They illuminate precisely what you need to without dissipating much light around.

Outdoor gooseneck lights are being installed by homeowners and among many other commercial applications due to their versatility and directional lighting features. Browse around our collection of exterior garage lights and feel free to get in touch for more information.

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  • Hugo Merminod