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How Can Your Office Benefit from LED Lighting?


Although LED Lighting has been around for quite some time now, most offices still rely on old fluorescent lights. Not only do these outdated lights cause ill effects to its occupants, they also are not eco-friendly at all and cost a lot of money to maintain and to power; so why would anyone still use them?

If you're still debating on if switching to LED is right for you, check out these key reasons why fluorescents need to be replaced in the workplace:

Toxic Contents

toxic incandescent bulbFluorescent lighting options carry chemicals in them such as mercury, causing these fixtures to be very harmful when they break, which is more often than not. The chemicals inside these lamps are needed to create the light in these fixtures. However when exposed to air, they evaporate into vapors and soak into the surrounding office surfaces and floors, which can then be inhaled and affect your internal nervous, digestive, and immune systems, as well as your lungs, and can even be fatal.

You're Paying More When You Could Be Saving more

Since the technology in fluorescent or HID lighting options are so outdated, they are well known to fail prematurely, and in most cases can't be replaced right away due to limited access in certain areas. When you have to replace them and shut down operations in the surrounding areas for safety and other reasons, you are then spending money on the lights to replace, as well as losing money not having business running as usual. All of this additional time and money could be used elsewhere to benefit the business, and is a big decision maker for those who switch to LED products once they realize this.

LED Lighting products have a much longer lifespan than older alternatives and use way less energy while producing way more light! A typical fluorescent bulb is supposed to last 7,000-10,000 hours if all goes well, whereas LED lighting is known to last well over 50,000+ hours without commonly failing prematurely! These energy savings along with the money you are saving on not having to replace your lighting often should be enough to make you want to switch!

LED Lights Are Good For Your Health And The Environment

Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED lights do not contain any harmful components or chemicals, making their disposal safer for the environment and safe to be around. The contents of LED lights are very minimal yet advanced, and when the time comes they can even just be disposed/recycled in regular trash. 

Having LED lighting in offices and places of business is not just safer; they will also eliminate any headaches or eye strain caused by flickering or humming fluorescents. They also don't require any warm up times, as they are instant on/off!  Employees and customers will feel much more comfortable and will be in much better moods as proper workplace lighting promotes better moods.

Customize Your Lighting 

led office lightingSince fluorescent lighting doesn't come with the high technology nor the wide variety of features that LED products have, you will be more at ease when you create your own personalized lighting for offices to fit your needs.

Creating a personalized, healthier, and cost-friendly office lighting solution could never be easier than now. While some are skeptical about the up front costs to make the switch, almost everyone receives their return on investment within a year or two, so why wait? Start saving and working in a better environment today with these office lighting solutions!

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