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The Most Important 2016 Lighting Trends Observed So Far...


With the LED lighting industry rapidly evolving, new technology is being introduced every other day. From LED lights that are much more powerful, efficient and last longer, things like mobile connectivity are also being integrated into these lighting technologies at a breakneck pace.

2017 is almost around the corner. There have been plenty of innovations in the LED lighting industry this year. In this blog post, we shed light on some of the most important lighting trends observed so far.

More Connectivity 

Now that LEDs are comprehensively in the mainstream, 2016 has been all about making them more connected and adding more control options.

Even though dimmers and sensors have been around for decades, this year has been all about making LED lighting more sophisticated and connecting it with other smart devices.

Rapid Integration Of The Internet Of Things

There has been a lot of talk around the Internet of Things in the past few years. It’s when everything including your fridge, smartphones, computers, coffee makers and LED lights are connected through one central operational unit.

Because lighting is already there in every home, in every ceiling of a building, it makes an ideal connection for the Internet of Things.

Most commercial and residential customers are now working on connecting LED lights to their smartphones and other devices.

Healthier Lighting

With research studies constantly backing how lighting works at promoting good health, the recent rise in LED sales indicate that manufacturers are finally putting this knowledge to action. Particularly healthcare institutions have been seen integrating LED lights into their facilities to enhance a comfortable environment through adjustable options like brightness and the light’s ability to mimic natural light.

Beyond Lighting

LED lighting is not just about illuminating physical spaces itself any more. LED lighting is making its connections with data and internet technologies like Li-Fi more evident. There have been researches this year, which will help use LED lighting to transform internet usage in malls, shops and other indoor spaces.

This will eventually turn the industry on its head in the coming few years, as LED lighting products are used for entirely new purposes.

These trends observed so far this year indicate there are good things in store for LED lighting in the near future. Are you looking for LED corn lights or gooseneck outdoor lights? Get in touch with us to discuss your needs today.

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  • Hugo Merminod