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Understanding The Benefits Of Using Commercial Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures


Commercial outdoor LED floodlight fixtures give off a bright white clean light, and typically come with a 120 degree beam angle or more to illuminate larger areas. They are widely used across commercial facilities including warehouses, security perimeters, as well as stadiums for enhanced sports lighting.

Even though floodlights are available in other variants with different lighting technologies like CFLs and incandescent, LEDs are largely preferred due to the various benefits they offer.

In this article, our lighting engineers discuss why majority of our clients prefer LED floodlights over other options:

Last Much Longer

Commercial outdoor LED floodlights last significantly much longer than other alternatives. One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of LED lighting is the improved reliability, as well as the extended lifetime.

On average, LED floodlights may last as much as 10 times longer than their fluorescents and halogens equivalent, while consuming less than half the energy. This means you won’t be concerned with frequent replacements, additional maintenance or light failure. At the same time, LED lights don’t go out instantly as incandescent, or compact fluorescent bulbs. They gradually dim out, making up for enough functionality to eventually replace them.

More Energy Savings

For commercial facilities, saving on operating costs and maintenance is a huge concern. This is why many of them are slowly making the transition towards LED floodlights. You can save as much as 80% on electricity consumption by switching over to LED alternatives. Furthermore, LED’s don’t contain mercury, or other dangerous waste, which makes them easier to dispose as well.

Negligible Heat Emissions

A major concern for traditional lighting technologies is that a large portion of the energy is converted into heat.

For instance, incandescent bulbs only consume 10% of energy while the remaining 90% is wasted heat. The wasted heat can most definitely be felt in the surrounding air as well. On the contrary, LED floodlights don’t emanate as much heat, which will usually reduce the overall ambient room temperature as well.

Bright White Light

The intensely bright white light produced by LED lights is quite similar to natural daylight making it perfect for perimeter security applications. When used in stadiums, they can prove to be the perfect option to retrieve items and keep a check on all activities. It will also make people feel safer walking around, or leaving the office at night, as you will not encounter dead spots or as much shadows as you would with standard lighting.

Work In All Temperature and Weather Conditions

Unlike many other lighting options, LED floodlights keep performing at maximum efficiency even in extreme temperature and weather conditions. Matter of facts, LED’s will perform better in colder environment unlike other light sources. This makes them perfect for warehouse and cold storage areas.

LED lights are also inherently free from carbon emissions as well as mercury and lead. At HTM Lighting, we have a wide collection of commercial outdoor LED flood light fixtures for a wide variety of applications. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and find the right products.

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  • Hugo Merminod