What Color Is Architectural Bronze? Understanding Architectural Bronze Powder Coat Finish

When looking for the perfect lighting fixtures online, things can get a bit technical and frustrating. For the professionals in the industry, the complicated terms and language for different products is easily understood, however, it's not so easy for those who are not familiar with these terms. After spending time and deciding between the Kelvin Temperature, Color Rendering Index, Fixtures Style, etc., it is very common to overlook even the most simple features like the color of the fixture.

Since every smartphone, computer screen, or tablet has a different and unique way to render color, the same shade of red, for example, can look completely different when viewed on different devices. All colors can appear different as well when put on different materials, such as a smooth steel surface, or a rough material, so it's easy to misinterpret the many color options that HTM Lighting Solutions offers for their fixtures.

When looking online at fixtures, the most common colors such as Black or White, are impossible to misunderstand as you know exactly what you'll be getting; however the color Architectural Bronze is the most challenging of them all.

What Do We Mean by “Architectural Bronze”?

bronze led flood light
 Architectural bronze is a very common color choice for lighting fixtures, however this color is misunderstood more often than not. What do you think of when you hear Architectural bronze? Most think of a deep dark bronze/black color, where others think of a shiny coppery statue or olympic medal color, and some know the exact true color!

In reality, architectural bronze, bronze, or dark bronze, are terms used for architectural items such as windows, door frames, light fixtures, roofing materials, and much more. In the simplest form, it is a paint type that is applied to these surfaces, such as cold rolled steel or die cast aluminum. Architectural bronze received its name from its popularity in Architectural projects, as most manufactures of products used in these projects use similar bronze colors to ensure the consistency among all products.

Most HTM Lighting products are made from durable cold rolled steel, then electrostatically sprayed, prior to being powder coated and oven baked with reliable UV stabilized paint.

While most variants of bronze will complement each other, the type of lighting and finish of the fixture can cause two products painted with the same Architectural bronze, to look completely different. The more realistic way to describe what the color architectural bronze looks like is a dark, grayish brown.

Although the finish of Architectural bronze light fixtures may not be what you imagined, HTM Lighting Solutions offers many other distinct color finishes for their products, be sure to reach out to us to help find the perfect match yoru your lighting project!

Questions or comments? We always have ears open to any new input and suggestions, as we enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge. Contact us today for your complimentary quote on any project, or just to give some input, 813-649-8899 or sales@htm-lighting.com.

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