HTM Product Spotlight: Fovero Gooseneck Sign Lights

Whether for outdoor sign lighting for a commercial space or indoor residential accent lighting, our Fovero Gooseneck Sign Lights are the way to go!

Choose between our popular Satin Black, our industrial Architectural Bronze, our rustproof Galvanized, and our vintage White finishes for a fully customizable and personalized style.
  • Michael Tomas

Clear vs Frosted Lens: Which is Better?

When choosing between LED light fixtures, one common question is whether to go with a Clear or a Frosted Lens.

While this may not seem too important at first, the lens type chosen can impact the overall look or function of a space.

With their own sets of pros and cons, let’s explore when and how each lens type should be used.

  • Michael Tomas

LED Lighting and Color Rendering Index

With increased energy efficiency and being able to produce a wide spectrum of colors, LED technology allows for great versatility when it comes to lighting for particular applications.

As this technology improves, advancements to visual clarity and the overall appearance of objects under different light sources has become more in demand.

  • Michael Tomas

Upgrading Warehouse Lighting to LED

Warehouse lighting is crucial for any business, as warehouses need to be well lit for employee safety and inventory accuracy.

However, this can often be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially if replacing multiple fixtures in one area.

However, the energy savings over time when retrofitting to LED offsets or can completely eliminate some of these burdens, as LED Fixtures are incredibly efficient and last longer than outdated traditional lighting sources, such as metal halide bulbs.

  • Michael Tomas

LED Corn Lights and their Benefits

LED Corn Lights are an incredibly efficient and simple retrofit solution that can be used in a variety of applications.

With more and more businesses switching over to LED technology, finding a simple yet efficient solution has never been more important!

Here are just a few reasons why LED Corn Lights are a great solution for most retrofitting projects!

  • Michael Tomas

Comparing IESNA and NEMA Light Distributions

Beam spread is one of the most important yet misunderstood factors to consider when determining the right fixture for the job.

After all, a spotlight would not provide the same wash of light as a parking lot fixture, even with the same wattage and lumen output.

Thankfully, light distribution has already been categorized in two different ways, IESNA and NEMA.

With different metrics, classifications, and applications, both of these are crucial tools for deciding the lighting application between different light fixtures.

  • Michael Tomas