Lumens, Wattage, and Brightness for LED Lighting

When it comes to traditional lighting sources, the materials and manufacture of different lighting was standardized in such a way that wattage determined how bright a light source would be. For example, one would automatically assume a 250W bulb would be brighter than a 100W bulb. But what if it were possible these would be equal?
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Garage Lighting Using Gooseneck Fixtures

When lighting for a home, one of the most common, yet most important places to light up is the front of a house, typically above a garage to light up a driveway.

Lighting should be just bright enough to be able to see when getting in or out of your car at night and provide some extra security to a home.

This can easily be achieved through the use of Gooseneck Barn Lighting, which is available in a variety of arm lengths, shade diameters, and options for light bulbs to ensure a home is well-lit.

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Interior Lighting Using RLM Fixtures

Reflector Luminaire Manufacturers, or RLM Lighting, dates as far back as the Industrial Revolution and refers to overhead lighting that shines down to provide ample task lighting and increase productivity.
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A Guide to Uplit Sign Lighting Using LED Flood Lights

Advertising using signage is an effective tool for highlighting and emphasizing a business or brand. While logo signs can be downlit from above using Gooseneck Sign Lights, some signs, including monument signs, need to be uplit or lit from below using Flood Lights instead. Luckily, we have a handy guide for determining what is needed in these cases, and ensuring your signs look great!
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Product Overview: Semi-Cutoff LED Wall Packs

Modern LED technology is an ever-growing and changing industry that aims to create new and simple solutions for a particular lighting application. Some examples include wattage selectability and CCT tuning, both of which allow for extra customization without needing to purchase multiple bulbs or fixtures.

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A Guide to Gooseneck Sign Lighting

It is common knowledge that businesses benefit from using signs to advertise their company, and that a well-lit sign draws more attention and is easier to identify. Gooseneck RLM Sign Lighting provides one of the most effective ways to light up a sign, but with so many arm lengths and shade styles to choose from it’s easy to get lost in the dark. We’ve created this handy guide to narrow your search and be able to confidently choose a fixture to suit your lighting application!

  • Michael Tomas