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Comparing IESNA and NEMA Light Distributions

Beam spread is one of the most important yet misunderstood factors to consider when determining the right fixture for the job.

After all, a spotlight would not provide the same wash of light as a parking lot fixture, even with the same wattage and lumen output.

Thankfully, light distribution has already been categorized in two different ways, IESNA and NEMA.

With different metrics, classifications, and applications, both of these are crucial tools for deciding the lighting application between different light fixtures.

  • Michael Tomas

Product Spotlight LED Parking Lot Lights

Parking lot lighting is often a very time-consuming and expensive process, but provides added security and safety to a commercial area.

With the rise of LED technology, many common issues with installation have been simplified or resolved, and the added savings of switching to LED means lower energy bills and a quicker return on your investment!

  • Michael Tomas

The Benefits of Measuring Light with Footcandles

As a relatively new industry, lighting can sometimes be difficult to understand or quantify. For example, the term Footcandle is commonly used when measuring the amount of light on a given surface. But what exactly is a footcandle, and how can this be used in a practical application?

Well for starters, we can no longer use Wattage as a reliable way of measuring the brightness of a light, as LED technology is continuously improving and changing to become more and more efficient.

  • Michael Tomas

Product Spotlight: LED Linear High Bay Fixtures

The ideal lighting solution for indoor commercial lighting applications, HTM Lighting Solutions’ LED Linear High Bay Fixtures are perfect for warehouses, bay lighting, workshops, and other interior spaces!

Available in 110W, 165W, and 300W options, these fixtures can replace old and outdated Metal Halide fixtures up to 1000W MH for maximum efficiency and savings on your energy bill!

Manufactured using durable iron and high-quality PMMA Acrylic, these fixtures are made to last and resist yellowing over time.

  • Michael Tomas

The Benefits of Bypassing Your Ballast

LED Lighting is a highly efficient and more reliable method of lighting. Requiring only a fraction of the wattage needed for traditional Metal Halide and HID fixtures, it’s the sensible choice for cutting back on energy costs and lowering your energy bill.

  • Michael Tomas

Factors to Consider When Upgrading to LED

Upgrading to LED fixtures produces a more efficient and longer lasting fixture.

Being able to retrofit 1:1 using LED fixtures can sometimes be a difficult or complicated process if certain factors are not kept in mind.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a handy list of questions to consider in order to ensure your next LED retrofit is as smooth as possible.
  • Michael Tomas