What to Consider When Choosing Mounts for Parking Lot Lighting

When it comes to lighting a parking lot, there are a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials available. Among the most common materials for poles are Steel/Aluminum, Concrete/Fiberglass, or Wood, all of which can have different heights, shapes, and applications. By knowing the type of pole you are dealing with, you will be able to choose the appropriate mounting type for your Parking Lot Fixtures.

  • Michael Tomas

Understanding Amp Load and Circuit Breakers

When installing new light fixtures, it is important to keep in mind the load and capacity of your electrical service and circuit breaker to avoid any potential risk of damage.

By understanding the load of a particular setup, you can choose fixtures that are appropriate for that load.

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Why LED Lighting is the Better Choice

It is well known that LED lighting is a much more efficient and longer-lasting light source when compared to traditional lighting sources, and they are quickly making their way to a variety of different home and commercial applications. Here are just a few reasons why LED lighting is the better choice for your next lighting project.

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Commercial LED Lighting Buyer's Guide

When lighting a commercial space, many factors are at play that need to be accounted for, as not all lighting jobs are equal. Warehouses, hotels, and other businesses all fall under commercial lighting, yet they all need to be handled differently to ensure the best result for the job. So with all these factors, what is the best way to approach a particular lighting job? Here’s a quick guide to help get things started!

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What is Galvanized Steel?

When choosing a light fixture, it is common to see a variety of materials and finishes being used, such as Natural Copper, Cold-Rolled Steel, and Aluminum.

With galvanization, one might think of a silver or chrome finish, when in reality, galvanization is the process of applying a zinc coating to steel or iron to create a durable and rust-resistant finish.

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Hurrican Ian Watch 09-28-2022

Dear Valued Customers,  Please be advised our offices/shipping services may be impacted based on the evolution of Hurricane Ian as it heads towards...
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