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LED Retrofit Kits

HID / HPS Bulbs To LED Retrofit Kit = Easy Savings

HTM Lighting is proud to introduce our NEW LED Retrofit Kits for metal halide LED replacement. Replace your inneficient HID/HPS/MH Bulbs with our Powerful LED Retrofit Kits, and start saving on your energy bill, while having a better quality of light, and a longer lasting light! 

Our HID, HPS, and metal halide LED Retrofit kits are available in many different wattages, allowing you to replace any older bulbs ranging from 70W to 1000W. What does this mean for you? Over 75% energy savings on your bill by switching to LED. Additionally, while the average HID / HPS bulb only lasts 15,000 hours on average, our LED Retrofit Kits will last over 50,000 Hours, and come with a 5 Year Warranty!

We also encourage you to take advantage of our DLC Certification in order to get federal & state energy rebates on your LED Purchase! For more LED options, check out our outdoor gooseneck barn lights.

Popular Applications for our 45W-320W LED Retrofit Kits are:

  • LED High Bay Retrofit Kits in Warehouse, Factory, Indoor Arena Lighting, Convention Center
  • Parking Lots, Shoeboxes
  • Roadways, Streetlights, National Parks
  • Wallpacks, Canopy Kits
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