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LED Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs And Tubes For Your Residential and Commercial Lighting

There are several factors to consider when purchasing LED light bulbs, such as the shape and bulb base.

Here are several types of LED Bulb shapes that we offer and their applications:

  • A Series: This is the typical bulb shape that comes to mind when most people think of light bulbs. They are primarily used in residential application and have an omnidirectional beam angle.
  • BR Series: These provide a wider beam angle, usually wider than 90 degrees, and used mostly for floodlighting.
  • PAR Series: These use "Parabolic Aluminum Reflectors" to provide a powerful, narrow beam of light that usually does not exceed 45 degrees.
  • C Series: Also known as Candelabra bulbs, these look similar to the B series, but with a more pronounced flame shape. These are usually used in decorative applications and provide an omnidirectional beam angle.
  • F Series: Also called Flame bulbs, these decorative bulbs provide a flickering effect to imitate flames and provide an omnidirectional beam angle.
  • MR Series: Used mostly for spotlighting, these powerful bulbs have a beam angle under 45 degrees.

 In addition to the bulb shape, it is also important to know the bulb base needed for your socket. Here are just a few examples:

  • Screw Bases: This includes E12 Candelabra, E26 Medium, E27 Medium, E39 Mogul, and EX39 Mogul bases. These screw directly into the socket.
  • Twist and Lock Bases: GU10 and GU24 bases are bipin bases that twist and lock into the socket to secure the bulb.
  • Bi-Pin Bases: Mostly used in MR bulbs and T5 tubes, these plug into the socket using two pins.
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