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A Modern Take on Traditional Design |
Available in a Variety of Styles

Outdoor Barn Lights – Shade Styles

Barn Shade
with Gooseneck Arm

Ideal for Outdoor Barn Lighting, Porch Lighting, and Patio Lighting!

Railroad Shade
with Gooseneck Arm

Outdoor Shades that are great for creating an Industrial Feel!

Radial Wave Shade
with Gooseneck Arm

Create a Unique and Vintage Exterior Lighting Atmosphere!

Deep Bowl Shade
with Gooseneck Arm

Versatile design that’s perfect for
a Wide Variety of Applications!

Angle Shade
with Gooseneck Arm

Gooseneck Fixtures that are great for Signage Lighting!

Emblem Shade
with Gooseneck Arm

Use with any Sign Lighting project
to add a vintage feel!

Gooseneck Arms
and Stems

An assortment of Gooseneck Arms, ranging from 10in to 41in!

Eco-RLM Mounting

Ceiling Mount Canopy Kits, Stem Connectors, Wire Guards, and more!

Shop By Collection

Fovero RLM

Our most popular collection, Fovero RLMs create a timeless industrial setting with a selection of different styles, including Sign Lights, Barn Lighting, and Wall Sconces!


Hundreds of different combinations available, with finishes such as our Natural Copper Warehouse Shades along with a variety of Shade Styles and Arm Lengths!

Specialty RLM Shades

Choose from our unique selection of Radial Wave and Railroad Shades to provide vintage gooseneck exterior lighting while maintaining modern design elements!

Integrated LED Goosenecks

With a built-in Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell, Adjustable Vertical Swivel, and Integrated LED Module, these fixtures provide an affordable and efficient lighting solution!

About RLM Gooseneck Fixtures

Reflector Luminaire Manufacturers or RLM Light Fixtures are commercial application light fixtures that provide direct downward lighting.

RLM fixtures have been used since the Industrial Revolution in interior and exterior applications and can still be seen today in uses such as Sign Lighting, Warehouse Lighting, and Barn Lighting.

RLM Gooseneck Fixtures combine the vintage feel of traditional fixtures while using modern styling crafted from high-quality materials and techniques to create durable fixtures that preserve their look and use.

RLM fixtures are versatile and are available in a variety of shade styles and arm lengths for a fully customizable look and feel, and are suitable for various Commercial, Industrial, & Residential applications, including:

  • Outdoor Sign Lighting

  • Storefronts

  • Wall Lighting

  • Awnings

  • Restaurants