Gooseneck Barn Lights

Outdoor Barn Lights

Angle Shade with Gooseneck

Angle Shade
w/ Gooseneck

Most Popular Gooseneck Sign Light Fixture for Commercial Use!

Warehouse Shade with Gooseneck Lighting

Warehouse Shade
w/ Gooseneck

Available in countless finishes and size, Ideal for Barn Lighting.

Emblem Shade with Gooseneck Lighting

Emblem Shade
w/ Gooseneck

Add some vintage style to your commercial signs!

Deep Bowl Shade with Gooseneck Lighting

Deep Bowl Shade
w/ Gooseneck

Great choice for retail indoor use, or anywhere your heart wishes.

Radial Wave Shade with Gooseneck Lighting

Radial Wave Shade
w/ Gooseneck

Great for Patio Use, or when looking for something different.

RailRoad Shade with Gooseneck Lighting

RailRoad Shade
w/ Gooseneck

Patented Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Light for special application.

Gooseneck Lighting Arms

ECO-RLM Gooseneck
Arms & Stems

Pick Any Gooseneck Arms ranging from 10'' Long to 41'' Long

Gooseneck Lighting Accessories

ECO-RLM Mounting

Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories to Fully Customize Your Fixture.

Shop By Collection

Fovero RLM Gooseneck Barn Lighting

Fovero RLM

Fovero RLM Gooseneck Barn Lights exhibit a vintage industrial feeling. Traditional, Classic, yet simple.

ECO-RLM Gooseneck Sign Lighting


Over 100+ Combinations of different shade style, diameter, finishes, and gooseneck Length

Integrated LED RLM Lighting

Integrated LED

Energy Star Rated LED Gooseneck Barn Lights With Photocell & Swivel for maximum light efficacy.

AA RLM Gooseneck Lighting


Affordable & Adjustable Gooseneck Barn Lights w/ Standard 19 3/4'' Gooseneck/Curved Arm & Complimentary Swivel to adjust light in the wanted direction.

About Gooseneck Barn Lights

Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer aka RLM Lighting is a type of commercial outdoor light fixture that is designed to reflect light downwards. RLM Lighting for exteriors has been around for decades, and is still broadly used for Outdoor Sign Lighting, Storefront Lighting, as well as Gooseneck Barn Lights.

Outdoor Gooseneck lighting combines modern styling and traditional designs crafted from high quality materials to make fixtures durable in severe weather conditions while maintaining their look and use. Barn lights come in a variety of styles great for your industrial spaces, and add character to outdoor areas.

Many of our Outdoor Gooseneck Lighting Fixtures are also paint-coated to match your unique style.

Outdoor Barn Lighting fixtures are perfect for a wide range of uses such as:

  • Outdoor Sign Lighting,
  • Awnings,
  • Storefronts,
  • Restaurants,
  • Wall Lighting,
  • Commercial, Industrial, & Residential use.

Our gooseneck barn lighting fixtures come in a variety of finishes, shape, and mounting options, to allow not only for optimal lighting, but also to enable the customer to differentiate themselves by creatively choosing what suits them best!