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Ceiling Mounts

Stem, Chain, and Flush Mounting Options | Decorative Ambient Ceiling Mount Lighting

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Chandeliers provide a touch of opulence or make a bold statement for living rooms, dining rooms, and more!

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Pendant Fixtures

Simple yet effective, pendant fixtures allow for ambient or task lighting, and can be chain, cord, or rod hung.

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Flush Mounts

For simple and sleek designs, flush mounts mount flush to the ceiling with little to no vertical drop.

About Ceiling Mounted Fixtures


Make dramatic and bold statements to any dining room, living room, or foyer with one of our Chandeliers!

With a mix of both traditional and modern styles and finishes, along with different configurations of lamps needed, these fixtures can fit just about any interior space!

Pendant Fixtures

Pendant fixtures are truly versatile and come in an incredible selection of shade styles, sizes, and finishes.

These are all adjustable and can be chain-mounted with an adjustable chain, cord-hung using flexible wrapped cord, or stem-hung using different lengths of interchangeable stiff metal rods.

Flush Mounts

Perfect for front entrances, foyers, kitchens, and other smaller areas, flush mounts are typically more sleek in design, and create a minimalistic but tasteful aesthetic.

Different lens types, styles, and finishes provide various options for that perfect look!

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