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Case Studies


Upgrade Now or Later? Understanding When to Make the Switch to LED Lighting

Unravel the merits of LED lights, the cost comparison between LED and traditional options, and determine when to upgrade. Shed light on a more energy-efficient solution!

  • Michael Tomas

What are the Different Bulb Series and Their Benefits

Find out about the different bulb series and their benefits to help you plan for that upgrade. From incandescent to modern LED, each has its unique perks.

  • Michael Tomas

Tire Kingdom LED Upgrade Case Study

With the destruction left behind by Hurricane Ian in September 2022, many businesses along its path required remodeling or even rebuilding in certain areas. When Maximum Maintenance contacted us regarding an LED upgrade to a Tire Kingdom in Cape Coral, the reality of the situation was almost immediately apparent when looking at reference photos of the building layout. Signs of water damage could be seen in the building, and many of the light fixtures were out and in need of replacement.

  • Michael Tomas

Carey and Giampa Sign Case Study

LED Warehouse High Bay Lighting  

We were reached out to by Native Creative Design for a solution for two signs they were working on for Carey and Giampa Realtors.

- Sign #1 is a 6ft Wide by 2ft 6in High Double-Sided Monument Sign

- Sign #2 is a 8ft Wide by 3ft 1in High Double-Sided Monument Sign

  • Michael Tomas

StoreCo Storage LED Shoe Box Retrofit Case Study

led shoe box retrofit
With StoreCoStorage being open 24/7 like most storage facilities, having adequate outdoor lighting is a basic requirement to ensure they provide a great level of security to their customers and make sure they are not missed by passing drivers. Alongside with this, saving money was just an added bonus for the new owners of this plaza when they upgraded their old outdated parking lot fixtures.

  • Mary S

Busch Boulevard LED Shoe Box Retrofit Case Study (Video)

1000w led shoebox retrofitA customer involved with the outdoor lighting of Busch Boulevard, a commercial plaza, located in Tampa, Florida, was looking for a partner to retrofit its outdoor parking lot and loading dock area to LED Lighting in order to achieve greater light levels, while benefitting from the reduction of energy consumption, and reduced maintenance.

Upon the case study, the customer advised HTM Lighting Solutions that the existing fixtures were currently running 12hrs per day, 7 days a week, and were using Metal Halide bulbs, which are found to be extremely inefficient, with a short life-span.