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Tire Kingdom LED Upgrade Case Study


With the destruction left behind by Hurricane Ian in September 2022, many businesses along its path required remodeling or even rebuilding in certain areas. When Maximum Maintenance contacted us regarding an LED upgrade to a Tire Kingdom in Cape Coral, the reality of the situation was almost immediately apparent when looking at reference photos of the building layout. Signs of water damage could be seen in the building, and many of the light fixtures were out and in need of replacement.

This Tire Kingdom required LED replacements for two major areas of the building, as these had all had various degrees of fixture failure. Most obviously, the shop itself needed new fixtures to cover a wide area and provide bright task lighting for workers to see smaller details and ensure quality. In addition to automotive shop lighting, their tire storage area also required bright lighting to provide better visibility and to make it easier to identify their stock.

As a result of this, we opted to go for a 100fc average, which is typical for task and detail-oriented areas, including storage and automotive shops. The existing rails made it easy to identify general placement of the fixtures and an idea of the spacing between fixtures.

Tire Storage

Since the tire storage already had a working layout and no additional modifications were needed, we opted for a 1:1 retrofit using our LED Linear High Bay Fixtures, mounted 15 feet above grade.

The gridlike arrangement of the aisles meant that the fixtures needed to be evenly spaced out in order to maximize coverage in each aisle. We optimized the spacing between fixtures to be 15ft apart between each aisle and 12ft apart in each walkway, for a total of 20x fixtures. As shown below, lighting is evenly distributed and almost exactly within our target footcandle average.

Shop Area

While the tire storage was a quick and clean layout with little need for modification we did to make some tweaks existing in order ensure lighting remained even. irregular shape of building needed be accounted along beam that ran across space where no fixtures could mounted.

As such, we kept the original 14ft track spacing and spaced the fixtures 10ft apart on each track. Additionally, we added an optional fixture to light the lower left area a bit more, as the original fixture was mounted on top of the restroom and was not lighting the area properly.

Using a total of 25x fixtures, we achieved an average of 92.5fc with an avg/min ratio of 1.8:1 for bright and even task lighting.

Final Result

Upon installation, we were glad to hear back from Maximum Maintenance with photos of the completed job. Both areas are now brightly and evenly lit to ensure attention to detail in the shop and ease of tire access in the storage area.


For your next automotive shop lighting project, please feel free to request a lighting layout using our Photometric Layout Request Form, or you can contact us directly for any additional assistance for feedback by giving us a call at +1 (813) 649-8899 or emailing us at

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  • Michael Tomas