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Busch Boulevard LED Shoe Box Retrofit Case Study (Video)



Our Customer

1000W Cobra Head vs 300W LED Shoe BoxA customer involved with the outdoor lighting of Busch Boulevard, a commercial plaza, located in Tampa, Florida, was looking for a partner to retrofit its outdoor parking lot and loading dock area to LED Lighting in order to achieve greater light levels, while benefitting from the reduction of energy consumption, and reduced maintenance.

Upon the case study, the customer advised HTM Lighting Solutions that the existing fixtures were currently running 12hrs per day, 7 days a week, and were using Metal Halide bulbs, which are found to be extremely inefficient, with a short life-span.

After reaching out to a few different local companies for pricing, the customer decided to go with HTM Lighting Solutions due to the product quality, affordable price, and professional recommendation addressing his concerns.

Our Solution

300W LED Shoe Box Parking Lot Light 1000W MH EquivalentFor the front of the commercial plaza, HTM Lighting Solutions’ advised to replace the x28 1000W MH Cobra Heads with 300W LED Shoe Box fixtures, each putting out over 40,000 Lumens, and rated at over 50,000+ Life Hours.

For the back of the commercial building, which contains loading docks, and employee parking, it was recommended to retrofit the x39 200W MH Wall Packs, with HTM’s 70W LED Wall Packs.

By swapping out the whole fixtures with HTM’s LED alternative fixtures, the customer will save on labor cost, as they are typically easier and faster to install compared to an LED Bulb Retrofit alternative that requires a ballast bypass. Furthermore, LED Fixtures will typically achieve greater light output levels against older housing with an LED Bulb in them.

Results & Benefits

HTM Lighting Solutions Parking Lot LED LightingBased on the Energy Audit ran on the 1000W MH Cobra Head alone, it was shown to the customer he would save an average of $10,273.54 on energy consumption per year, and over $117,000 based on the lifetime energy cost of the new 300W LED Shoe Box fixtures. By replacing 1000W Metal Halide Cobra Head with 300W LED Shoe Boxes, the input power system went from 28kW to 8.4kW, which is a reduction of 19.6kW. With TECO as the utility company for the area, customer was also eligible for $5,970 in rebates for the Shoe box retrofit only!

In regards to the LED Wall Pack retrofit, customer was shown he would save over $2,657/year on the cost of energy consumption, and over $30,000 throughout the lifetime of the LED Fixtures which are rated at 11.50 years based on the average time turned on per year. Additionally, it was shown the system input power went from 7.8kW using 200W MH wall packs, to 2.73kW when switching over to LED Wall Packs. Therefore, customer save 5kW on its system power, enabling him an additional $375 in rebates from TECO.

300W LED Shoe Box Parking Lot Light 1000W MH EquivalentUltimately, the improved quality of lighting has made the area much brighter and aesthetically pleasing. Pedestrians and nearby workers have made positive comments on the notable change in lighting.

The new shoe box light fixtures have made the road and sidewalks significantly safer by making the area much more visible for cars, trucks, bikers, and pedestrians. The customer was overall very satisfied with the results, and is now looking to retrofit the whole inside of his commercial plaza!

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  • Hugo Merminod