EPA Wind Speed Ratings for Outdoor Light Fixtures

While not immediately obvious, one important factor to consider when installing outdoor light fixtures is how various wind speeds would affect it. This is particularly useful with Pole-Mounted Light Fixtures such as our LED Parking Lot Fixtures, where a particular light head might be safer to use in high-wind areas.

  • Michael Tomas

How to Read a Photometric Lighting Layout

When working on large exterior projects, sign lighting, or interior commercial lighting projects, having a photometric lighting layout is crucial, as it provides a wealth of information including fixture spacing, the number of fixtures needed, and the overall wattage consumption for a particular application. 

With such a large amount of information to sort through, it can sometimes be confusing to decipher. Here’s a quick but handy guide when looking at a photometric layout to see how they work and the easiest way to read them.

  • Michael Tomas

LED Retrofit vs Fixture Replacement: Pros and Cons

As more options for LED lighting become available, making the switch to LED has never been easier!

For those with existing metal halide fixtures that aren’t quite ready for a full fixture replacement, there are countless LED retrofitting solutions available.

When going with either option, you are sure to save on energy and maintenance costs, but when should you replace the fixture and when is a quick retrofit the better option?

  • Michael Tomas

The Unseen Dangers of Fluorescent Lighting

Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal that can cause serious health problems when ingested, inhaled or absorbed by the skin. Unfortunately, it's also commonly found in fluorescent lighting tubes as an essential component of their functioning. While the amount of mercury in each tube may seem small, it adds up quickly when millions of people use them daily.

  • Michael Tomas

HTM Product Spotlight: Fovero Gooseneck Sign Lights

Whether for outdoor sign lighting for a commercial space or indoor residential accent lighting, our Fovero Gooseneck Sign Lights are the way to go!

Choose between our popular Satin Black, our industrial Architectural Bronze, our rustproof Galvanized, and our vintage White finishes for a fully customizable and personalized style.
  • Michael Tomas

Clear vs Frosted Lens: Which is Better?

When choosing between LED light fixtures, one common question is whether to go with a Clear or a Frosted Lens.

While this may not seem too important at first, the lens type chosen can impact the overall look or function of a space.

With their own sets of pros and cons, let’s explore when and how each lens type should be used.

  • Michael Tomas