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EPA Wind Speed Ratings for Outdoor Light Fixtures


While not immediately obvious, one important factor to consider when installing outdoor light fixtures is how various wind speeds would affect it. This is particularly useful with Pole-Mounted Light Fixtures such as our LED Parking Lot Fixtures, where a particular light head might be safer to use in high-wind areas.

What is a Wind Speed Rating?

Put simply, the wind speed rating is the maximum speed a fixture can take before risking damage. This helps to ensure a fixture won’t cause damage in high-wind conditions, such as hurricanes, and is affected by several factors, including the material and weight of a particular fixture and the material and height of a pole.

This is calculated by performing wind tunnel tests and calculating the results for a single part. Additional calculations are then made to factor the intended location, mounting height, and other factors that could affect the result.

What is EPA Rating?

The Effective Projected Area, or EPA, is an engineering term that describes an average of different wind ratings for various components using their surface areas. This works in conjunction with the maximum wind speed rating based on size, shape, and orientation of each component in order to determine the overall wind load and any structural changes needed to create an optimal design for a particular fixture.

Without proper wind speed ratings, high wind conditions could result in the fixture or pole falling over or breaking off. This in turn could result in various hazards, including property damage, personal safety risk, potential electrical hazards, etc.

What Other Factors Determine Wind Rating?

For pole mounted fixtures, the mounting height is a large factor in determining the wind load, as a taller pole is more susceptible to wind and therefore would require a higher wind rating than a shorter pole.

Additionally, the overall strength and durability of a fixture would also depend on the material it was manufactured with. A better shape, quality, and resistance to damage over time will help provide a higher overall wind rating. Steel poles are especially popular due to their strength and durability. Newer options include rustproof and lightweight aluminum and fiberglass.

Thankfully, our LED Parking Lot Fixtures are EPA Rated and are manufactured using high-quality aluminum to ensure maximum safety and security, even from the environment!

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