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LED Lighting

About LED Lighting Products

  • Explanation of the different LED bulbs for sale here
  • LED vs fluorescent, halogen, incandescent etc
  • Explanation about color temperatures and add small pictures to show the difference between each type.
  • Equivalency information

LED Bulbs

  • How they've evolved from fluorescent, incandescent, halogen etc
  • Difference between the different bulb shapes (each bulb shape type is a link to their collection page)
  • Difference between the different base types (each type is a link to their collection page)

LED Tubes

  • LED Tubes compared to older tubes
  • What is ballast bypass?
  • Normal vs hybrid type lenses
  • Explanation of T8, T5, T4 (links to different types?)
  • Buying clear vs frosted Lens

Vintage LED Bulbs

  • Information about Vintage LED replacement light bulbs keeping the look of traditional incandescents and being energy efficient at the same time.

LED Downlights

  • Use for LED Downlights in Residential and Commercial use
  • Different base types for industrial lighting, (Junction Box vs E26) and which one to use