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Led Security

Promote a Safer Outdoor Environment | Create Bright and Secure Walking Paths

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About LED Security Lighting

HTM Lighting Solutions has a wide variety of Outdoor Security Light Fixtures and Accessories, including LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures, LED Wall Packs, LED Wall Lamps, and more!

Much more energy efficient and longer lasting, LED fixtures are the go-to retrofit solution for replacing old metal halide and HID fixtures!

Many of our products are DLC Qualified for federal and state rebates, and are compliant with most US lighting codes.

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LED Parking Lot Lights

Enhance safety and security in any
outdoor parking lot or shopping center!

LED Wall Packs

Illuminate walkways and other pedestrian
walking paths.

LED Flood Lights

Lighting for outdoor landscaping and
wall-mounted security applications.

LED Corn Lights

Retrofitting existing fixtures to LED has
never been easier!

LED Wall Lamps

LED Powered wall-mounted lanterns
available in a wide variety of styles.

Pole Mounting Accessories

Maximize pole lighting with our wide range
of tenon adapters and wall brackets!


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LED Retrofitting, New Construction, Sign Lighting, and So Much More!

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LED Parking Lot Lights

Our LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures are a highly efficient lighting solution for pole-mounted parking lot lighting, area lighting, and other commercial exterior applications.

Consuming 80% less energy than traditional and inefficient metal halide/HID light fixtures, these UL Listed and DLC Qualified Outdoor LED Security Light Fixtures are built to last with a lumen maintenance of 70% and backed by our 5-Year Warranty!

These are available in 100W, 150W, and 300W LED options in either 100-277VAC or 277-480VAC, and you can choose between our Adjustable Split-Fit Mount, Adjustable Direct Mount, and Flood Mount for use with different pole shapes and materials!

LED Wall Packs

Perfect for outdoor commercial and residential wall-mounted security lighting, our LED Wall Packs are heavy-duty fixtures manufactured using die-cast aluminum and tempered striped glass.

Select models are Wattage Selectable and CCT Tunable for a 9-in-1 design for use in a variety of different spaces, including outdoor alleyways, over bay doors and loading docks, and so much more!

With LED replacements as low as 50W MH and up to 140W MH, you’re certain to find a more efficient and lower maintenance LED Security Wall Light for added safety and security!

LED Flood Lights

We offer a range of high-performing outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures that are suitable for a variety of applications, including commercial and security lighting, billboard and sign lighting, landscape and general yard lighting, and more.

With our LED Slim Flood Lights as well as our Narrow Beam and Wide Beam LED Bullet Flood Lights, we have fixtures suitable for just about any exterior lighting application.

LED Corn Lights

As the most cost-effective LED retrofitting solution, LED Corn Lights are versatile and can be used in Wall Packs, Parking Lot Fixtures, Flood Lights, among other applications.

Installation is simple, requiring just a quick ballast bypass, and different wattages and bulb bases are available to fit different fixtures.

Newer models also include a step-dimming switch to reduce wattage further if needed!

LED Wall Lamps

These instant-on fixtures are a perfect wall-mounted option for providing residential security lighting to the front entrance or porch of a house!

Our LED wall lamps are instant on, shatter resistant, and mercury free, are easy and convenient to use in any setting, and are designed with simplicity in mind to blend seamlessly into any interior or exterior lighting application.

Available in different wattage options and styles, these are sure to create a unique look to your outdoor space!

Pole Mounting Accessories

When mounting multiple parking lot fixtures to a single pole, or if you need a wall bracket for wall mounting, we’ve got you covered with our wide array of Pole Mounting Applications!

Our standard 2-3/8in tenons are compatible with most split-fitter mounts as well as additional options available for mounting multiple fixtures, including our Bullhorn Tenon Adapters and Spoke Tenon Adapters.