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LED UFO High Bay Light Fixtures

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LED High Bay Lighting is among the most-efficient option currently available on the market as it is specifically designed for warehouse lighting, recreation centers, storage facilities, as well as hangars among many other applications.

These indoor commercial lighting fixtures drastically improve visibility, as well as worker's safety, all while enhancing employee productivity.

LED High Bay Fixtures are instant-on, and therefore, require no warm-up time, unlike other alternative light sources such as metal halide (HID), and fluorescent fixtures.

The rated life of UFO LED High Bay Fixtures easily exceeds 50,000 Life Hours of Operating Time with a much better lumen maintenance. It enables the user to effectively reduce maintenance cost. 

Furthermore, the high efficiency of High Bay LED Light Fixtures enables the consumer to save over 75% in energy consumption right away, and typically earn a return on investment in less than 12 months. 

HTM Lighting Solutions UFO LED High Bay Light Fixtures come in many different wattages, color temperatures, finishes, and mounting option based on application.