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Choose From Our Wide Selection | Light Up or Down Just About Any Outdoor Sign

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About Signage Lighting

Signage Lighting is a simple, yet effective method for advertising a company sign, banner, or flag.

HTM Lighting Solutions offers a wide selection of options for both uplighting and downlighting for just about any outdoor lighting application.

Our Gooseneck Sign Light Fixtures are a perfect option for downlighting and are available in a variety of Styles and Finishes to ensure optimal sign lighting from above.

Storefront logo signs and sign lettering are easier than ever to light up, thanks to the various Shade Diameters and Arm Lengths available!

For added customization and personalization, we also offer a variety of compatible accessories to choose from, such as our Dusk-to-Dawn Photocells and Wire Guards.

With several wattages and CCTs to choose from, sign lighting is now easier than ever!

Suitable for both uplighting and downlighting, LED Flood Lights are extremely versatile in use when it comes to sign lighting.

We offer both Narrow Beam and Wide Beam options for our LED Bullet Flood Lights to cover a wide array of lighting needs, including landscape lighting, flagpole lighting, spotlighting, and so much more!

Our LED Slim Flood Lights are bright and compact and are perfect for lighting and billboards and monument signs.

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Gooseneck Sign Lights

Choose from a Wide range of Finishes and Arm Lengths.

Industrial and Rustic design perfect for Outdoor Signage!

LED Bullet Flood Lights

Versatile and ideal for lighting up or down just about any sign!

Available in either Narrow or Wide Beam options.

LED Slim Flood Lights

Easily light up most Billboards and Monument Signs!

Perfect for both Uplighting and Downlighting!

Sign Lighting Guide and Case Studies

When it comes to sign lighting, it can sometimes be difficult to know just where to begin when there are so many variables that need to be kept in mind.

In general, it is typically recommended to stay within an average of 30-50 footcandles as this is the ideal range for proper sign lighting while avoiding any shadows or glare.

For downlighting, we typically recommend a 3-4ft spacing between our gooseneck fixtures to ensure lighting is even and consistent across a sign.

As a rule of thumb, the taller the sign height is, the longer the gooseneck arm needs to be to light towards the bottom of the sign.

Uplighting using any of our LED Flood Lights can vary widely depending on the sign dimensions, the type of sign, and any setback or mounting height limitations.

We typically recommend about 4-8ft of setback if mounting is level with the bottom of the sign for maximum light spread.

For additional reference we also have several guides available, including a Guide to Uplit Sign Lighting Using LED Flood Lights and a Guide to Gooseneck Sign Lighting.

HTM Lighting Solutions offers a variety of services to help with both uplighting and downlighting, including our Complimentary Same-Day Quotes, Photometric Lighting Layouts, Volume and Wholesale Pricing, and so much more!

Please feel free to view our gallery below for inspiration from just a handful of our thousands of satisfied customers!

As always, please feel free to reach out to us, either by giving us a call at (813) 649-8899 or emailing us at with any questions or any additional assistance needed.