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A Guide to Uplit Sign Lighting Using LED Flood Lights


Advertising using signage is an effective tool for highlighting and emphasizing a business or brand. While logo signs can be downlit from above using Gooseneck Sign Lights, some signs, including monument signs, need to be uplit or lit from below using Flood Lights instead. Luckily, we have a handy guide for determining what is needed in these cases, and ensuring your signs look great!

Sign Dimensions

One of the more straightforward and important aspects to keep in mind is the overall dimension of the sign, as a larger sign will require more fixtures to maintain bright and even lighting. For example, take a 6ft Wide by 4ft Tall sign, mounted at ground level. With a 4ft setback, we are able to determine that a 30W LED Slim Flood Light will provide an average of 33.9 footcandles, which is within the ideal range for sign lighting!



However, take the same setback and mounting height on a 4ft Wide by 3ft high sign, and this same fixture will be too bright for the new dimensions. In this case, a 12W Wide Beam LED Bullet Flood Light would be preferable, providing a similar result of 33.8 footcandles using a completely different fixture.



One factor that is especially important for uplighting is considering the maximum setback allowed, which refers to the amount of spacing a fixture has away from the sign to allow for more even light.

When mounting at ground level, we typically recommend a setback between 4-8ft for optimal light spread while avoiding hotspots.

Beam Angle and Color Correlated Temperature (CCT)

After determining the sign dimensions and setback available, we can determine the fixture needed for the job.

Beam angle and the CCT of a fixture allow for optimal lighting for a particular sign.

Smaller signs, or those mounted quite high need to be emphasized using a smaller and more concentrated beam angle, whereas a wider and shorter sign closer to the ground will require a wider beam spread.

Color Temperature is also important, as this will set the tone for a particular business and help a sign not stand out in a negative way. Quieter and more residential areas benefit from a warmer white, where busier and more commercial areas look better in a cooler and more crisp white.

Thankfully, HTM Lighting Solutions carries a variety of beam angles, wattages, and CCTs to choose from to suit different lighting needs!

For a photometric layout and quote for your next lighting project, or just for any questions or additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or by giving us a call at (813) 649-8899!

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  • Michael Tomas