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Interior Lighting Using RLM Fixtures


Reflector Luminaire Manufacturers, or RLM Lighting, dates as far back as the Industrial Revolution and refers to overhead lighting that shines down to provide ample task lighting and increase productivity.

In today’s world, RLM light fixtures can be used in a variety of lighting applications to provide vintage and industrial design elements to a commercial or residential space.

While mainly used in outdoor sign lighting and other outdoor lighting applications, we would like to provide some examples of fixtures that can be used in indoor applications to highlight and accent these elements.

Gooseneck Sign Lights


Gooseneck Sign Lights


While it may seem counterintuitive, adding a Gooseneck Fixture can help to accent an industrial or rustic space while giving a modern touch.

Whether to highlight a bookcase or painting in an interior space, we recommend using our Gooseneck Sign Lights to accent the space in a stylish manner.




Cord-Hung Pendant Fixtures

Cord-Hung Pendant Fixtures in Kitchen



A more straightforward way of incorporating RLM Lighting in an office or kitchen space is by way of Cord-Hung Pendant Fixtures.

Easy to install and replace, these fixtures provide a more modern and minimalistic design while still maintaining that rustic feeling.




Rod-Hung Pendant Fixtures

Rod-Hung Pendant Fixtures


For a sturdier and more rustic feel, we also carry our Rod-Hung Pendant Fixtures.

Similar to our Cord-Hung Pendant Fixtures, these are ceiling mounted RLM fixtures that can be mounted over kitchen islands, or in hallways, offices, or most interior spaces.

Unlike Cord-Hung Pendant Fixtures, however, these are not suspended on a flexible cord but instead are mounted using metal rods to hold the fixture in place.

One benefit to this is the different rod lengths that are available, where a corded pendant fixture would need to be cut to length.


As you can see, RLM Lighting isn’t only used in outdoor lighting applications, and there are a wide variety of fixtures that can be used indoors to achieve an industrial look to a space.

If you have any questions regarding one of our fixtures or would like a complimentary quote for your next lighting project, please feel free to contact us by calling (813) 649-8899 or by emailing us at

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  • Michael Tomas