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Lumens and LED Brightness Description

LED Bulb Lumen and Brightness Explanation
In traditional lighting knowledge, wattage is the standard measure of brightness for most, with higher wattage portraying a brighter bulb. Although we all know LED lights are a brighter replacement for fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen bulbs, and they require far fewer watts to produce that brighter light, we measure the brightness of LEDs in lumens.

Lighting Facts – Understanding the label and choosing the right bulb

Lighting Facts

Finding the right light bulb for your home can seem difficult. You may notice that each bulb comes with a lighting facts label with different information about each bulb. This information is extremely valuable but not everyone fully understands it.

The Lighting Facts label is designed directly after the Nutrition Facts label and mandated by the Federal Trade Commission. With the information provided, we will help you to understand each part of the label so you can select the perfect light bulbs for your needs.  

Using LEDs in Modern Lighting Designs

LED Office LightingLED lighting fixtures are quickly gaining popularity, as people realize that they are a great choice for both residential and commercial settings. While there is no denying that LED lights are a tad bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts, it is also a fact that LEDs can cut electricity bills by up to 75%. Additionally, LEDs will need far less replacements due to better longevity and fewer maintenance needs. So that one-time expense doesn’t look so bad, does it?