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Case Studies — parking lot


Busch Boulevard LED Shoe Box Retrofit Case Study (Video)

1000w led shoebox retrofitA customer involved with the outdoor lighting of Busch Boulevard, a commercial plaza, located in Tampa, Florida, was looking for a partner to retrofit its outdoor parking lot and loading dock area to LED Lighting in order to achieve greater light levels, while benefitting from the reduction of energy consumption, and reduced maintenance.

Upon the case study, the customer advised HTM Lighting Solutions that the existing fixtures were currently running 12hrs per day, 7 days a week, and were using Metal Halide bulbs, which are found to be extremely inefficient, with a short life-span.

PK's Play Zone & Grille Retrofit Case Study

PK's Play Zone & Grille

Parking Lot Lighting Pk's Play Zone is a new and large indoor family amusement center located at 10019 West Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida in the Colony Crossings Plaza.

Our Customer

Since PK's Play Zone is open until midnight some nights of the week, the owners decided they needed to make their parking lot lighting brighter for the safety of their customers. The savings on energy consumption was an added bonus for their reasoning.