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StoreCo Storage LED Shoe Box Retrofit Case Study



With StoreCoStorage being open 24/7 like most storage facilities, having adequate outdoor lighting is a basic requirement to ensure they provide a great level of security to their customers and make sure they are not missed by passing drivers. Alongside with this, saving money was just an added bonus for the new owners of this plaza when they upgraded their old outdated parking lot fixtures and implemented LED shoe box lighting.

Our Solution

While looking to upgrade their security and visibility at all hours of the night, StoreCo Storage decided it was time to retire their old Metal Halide fixtures and team up with a highly recommended Sign and Outdoor Advertising company that locally services Illinois and leading businesses across the county, alongside with HTM Lighting Solutions to find their best lighting solution.

After careful review and many photometric renderings that HTM Lighting Solutions lighting design team ran, the decision was made to replace the 16x 1000W MH fixtures and the 88x 400W Metal Halide fixtures with 48x 150W LED Shoe Box fixtures from HTM Lighting Solutions.

The recommended lighting levels for this application are about 2 fc, and after our final layout, this location will achieve an average of 5 fc, which is very adequate lighting for this application. As a result of this, StoreCo Storage is guaranteed to be noticed by passing drivers and can assure their customers safety regardless of the time of day they are visiting. 

Results & Benefits

Prior to the replacement of the Metal Halide fixtures, StoreCo Storage was paying annually around $25,000 for their electric bill. After replacing the fixtures with LED Shoe Box fixtures, their annual electric cost will be about $5,000; totaling in over $20,000 in energy cost savings! This incredible savings will be more than enough to cover the costs of labor and the new fixtures, and then some!

On top of the great energy cost savings, the maintenance cost on the fixtures will be much less as on average, Metal Halide bulbs have a lifespan of 16,000 hours whereas LED fixtures have a lifespan on 50,000+ hours. This means the Metal Halide fixtures would need replacement around every 4 years, whereas the new LED fixtures will last 10+ years before they slowly start to decrease their original light output to 70%, which will still be brighter than the original Metal Halide fixtures! 

Additionally, StoreCo Storage will be able to get their return on investment within just a few short months of installing the LED Shoe Box fixtures! Deciding to switch the old outdated fixtures to new energy efficient LED Shoe Box fixtures will not only provide increased visibility and safety, but also allows the business to save unnecessary spending on energy costs and use it where it is needed.

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