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LED Lighting - Better For Your Health


LED Lighting In offices Do you feel strained or fatigued during the day?

Maybe you get headaches after being at work for a while, or you're sensitive to light.

Many employees experience these similar symptoms while at work, and most do not realize that it is occurring due to the lighting they are working under!

Switching to the LED lighting in a workplace can be very significant to these affected people and not to mention, electrical cost savings!

LED lights are much easier on the eyes and unlike their competitor, the incandescent bulb, they are not linked to some well known health issues such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and epilepsy.

Below are the main 4 reasons LED lights are better for your health!

Light Sensitivity - Reason 1

Since the typically found fluorescent lights in offices do that bothersome flicker while operating at 60hz, they tend to cause frequent headaches/migraines and provide a great amount of irritation to the eyes. HTM Lighting's LED luminaries do not emit any UV light (radiation) which is very sensitive to some, nor do they flicker; at all. Additionally LED lights do not emit any infrared light, so the nausea and fatigue symptoms caused by headaches are eliminated.

Greater Concentration - Reason 2

Better concentration with LED Lights
 Since a light very similar to natural daylight is produced by LED lights, many studies have shown a significant link between LED lighting and increased employee motivation and commitment!

Just to name a few more advantages of LED lights, some benefits that workplaces experience are the increased concentration, productivity, and energy they get from their employees.

The entire mood of a workplace is uplifted and improved immensely; and due to these great outcomes, many schools, hospitals, factories, and offices and switching their lighting over to LED everyday. 

Personal Preferences and Adjustments - Reason 3

Some LED lighting allows you to make personal adjustments such as dimming the light, or changing the color correlated temperature (CCT), which can make or break a headache to most! Allowing you to make personal preferences such as these are ideal for sensitive environments, hospitals, or even offices lacking natural light.

Circadian Rhythm Balance - Reason 4

Due to recent advancement in LED technology, and LEDs now being able to mimic natural light, research is showing exposure to LED lighting is as effective as the sunlight in terms of balancing circadian rhythm! Frequencies in natural daylight have been scientifically proven to improve melatonin levels, and when natural daylight is insufficient in an area, high tuned LED lighting fixtures are now becoming the best substitute.

When debating to switch out your halogen, CFL, and fluorescent lighting to LED alternatives, always keep in mind the many LED lighting health benefits you will be gaining including bettering your health and saving money. 

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