Lighting Season with LED Corn Lights


63w led corn light bulb
With the undeniably pleasing aesthetic of Corn Lights, it is no mistake that they are used for many applications now including residences. With daylight savings being over and it becoming dark outside early, it's a great time to upgrade your bulbs to their LED replacements, and with the many applications that LED Corn Lights can be used in, there is no better way to start then with these bulbs! 

When first introduced into the lighting market, LED Corn Lights were targeted to replace old filament bulbs while still keeping the typical shape of a corn light. Nowadays, these bulbs can be found in many applications and as they are appealing to the eye, they also are very functional! 


The most functional part of an LED bulb is its embedded LED chips that resembles “filament”. Although it is not the traditional filament you find in the original corn bulbs, the LED take is more efficient and is designed to last longer so you can enjoy these corn lights longer than ever! 

With the dependability you get with LED’s turning on as soon as they are powered and their long life span, there is no questions as to why these bulbs are a great safety feature in residential and commercial applications. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

While these lights are great for illuminating large areas such as warehouses, walkways, and parking lots, most are drawn to these corn lights for the sole reason of how well they resemble their old incandescent competitors and are using them in residential fixtures such as table lamps, bathroom fixtures, etc.12w led corn light 

The arrangement of the diodes in the traditional shape of a corn bulb was created so that their uses were multi-faceted and not just limited to specific applications. With today's market, you can now even have an LED Corn Light as small as a traditional household bulb, such as our 12W LED Corn Light


















Modern but still Traditional 

With the power of the LED Corn Lights that HTM Lighting Solutions offers, these lights are providing very adequate lighting where needed, yet are also still traditional enough to put in your vintage table lamp to set the perfect mood. 
With the wide range of applications these lights are beneficial in, there are no limits as to where they can be installed. 

This lighting season these LED Corn Lights can be used just about anywhere and will always be pleasing yet functional. Whether in your driveway or hallway at home, or your parking lot at work, HTM Lighting Solutions offers LED Corn Lights in many wattage options and sizes to fit every lighting need! Be sure to reach out today to get help choosing which one works best for your specific application. 

Questions or comments? We always have ears open to any new input and suggestions, as we enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge. Contact us today for your complimentary quote on any project, or just to give some input, 813-649-8899 or

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