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Top 5 Commercial LED Lighting Picks for 2019


2019 Industrial LED Lighting

Lighting season is here! Starting with Daylight saving time and lasting throughout the winter and the new year, lighting season is when we see a lot of businesses and homeowners upgrading indoor and outdoor spaces. To get prepared for this season, we’re recommending our best picks of LED Lighting below!

LED Shoe Boxes

Now for outdoor spaces that need a brighter and broader light source, you would need to choose an LED Shoe Box fixture! Our LED shoeboxes are an efficient version of a typical street or parking lot light fixture, which can be easily mounted on posts and poles.

LED Shoe Boxes come in a bright 5000K color temperature and come with a built-in surge protector for added protection of your fixture. Another available option for LED Shoe Boxes is to add on a motion sensor for more energy savings and safety, as LED Shoe Boxes can help guide customers and employees safely in parking lots after dark.

LED High Bay Lighting

LED high bays are a top choice for large indoor areas and warehouses. While Round LED High Bays are suited for spaces with high ceilings, there is also a linear High Bay fixture which would also work in spaces like factories and assembly lines needing motion sensor capabilities and superior brightness!

Although there is an option to choose a LED UFO High Bay fixture, which are very durable and have a high output of light, while remaining compact and lightweight! 

LED Temporary Work Lights

Also referred to as LED Drop Lights, these commercial LED Fixtures are a great solution when needing temporary lighting for construction sites, and remote dark areas. With lumen output ranging from 7,000 lumens to 16,000 lumens, the LED Drop Lights can be used as a LED Retrofit to replace inefficient 200W to 500W Metal Halide bulbs. 

Moreover, the cage lights feature a rugged wire guard all around the LED’s to protect them from shocks, and foreign objects. Additionally, the second-generation LED Drop Lights come with a female US plug, enabling daisy-chain between one another.

Another great feature is the included IR Remote Control, to easily turn on and off the LED Drop Lights remotely. They can be easily hung using the aircraft wire cable provided, as well as the ergonomic hook to hook it just about anywhere! 

With a cord length of 5ft, and a life expectancy exceeding 50,000 hours, the LED Temporary Work Lights are among the finest pick for commercial and industrial temporary led lighting.

LED Wall Packs

Just like LED tubes are a great choice for most indoor applications, the same can be said for LED Wall packs for outdoor lighting! Wall packs are robust outdoor flood lights that can easily be mounted to any commercial building for security lighting.

As it starts to get dark earlier during Lighting Season, outdoor wall packs come with dusk-to-dawn sensors which are essential for any business! Just like the LED tubes, LED wall packs come in all shapes, sizes, and features so you can customize your lighting experience.

LED Tube Lights

LED tubes are a favorite for many indoor applications thanks to their versatility and them being so simple to retrofit; which is way easier than buying a new lighting fixture! LED tubes are available in a variety of lengths of 4” and 8”, and different color temperatures which will allow for complete customization in your installation.

Our LED Tubes fit T8, or T12 tube fixtures. Certain tubes work as plug and play, but most single-ended or dual-ended tubes can be installed via a simple ballast bypass. Most standard 4-foot tubes are used for applications like garages and warehouses, whereas the 8-foot tubes are used for larger areas and displays such as retail stores. Beyond their versatility, LED tubes are reliable and super bright; as a matter of fact, you can use fewer LED tubes than fluorescent tubes and get the same light output!

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