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Upgrading Warehouse Lighting to LED

Warehouse lighting is crucial for any business, as warehouses need to be well lit for employee safety and inventory accuracy. However, warehouse lighting upgrades can often be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially if replacing multiple fixtures in one area. However, the energy savings over time when retrofitting to LED offsets or can completely eliminate some of these burdens, as LED Fixtures are incredibly efficient and last longer than outdated traditional lighting sources, such as metal halide bulbs.

Retrofit Options Using Existing Fixtures

One of the simpler and lower-cost options for LED retrofitting is simply replacing the light source within the existing housing. Usually a metal halide light bulb or fluorescent tube in a fixture, these can easily be swapped out for LED equivalents provided they fit in the existing housing. To maximize energy savings, the fixtures typically require a ballast bypass and some rewiring to power the LED bulb or tube directly. One such example is our 4ft 24W T5 High Output LED Tubes, which act as a 54W High Output Fluorescent Tube replacement and require both a ballast bypass and a dual-ended connection in order to work. The result is a near 60% energy savings, as the LED Tubes use less power to provide the same level of output.

LED Corn Lights can also be used for replacing Metal Halide Bulbs in high bay light fixtures, although it must be noted the size of the LED Corn Lights is typically a bit wider or longer than their Metal Halide counterparts. However, additional components such as reflectors can usually be removed from a fixture to allow for more room since LED light is unidirectional.

Full Fixture LED Replacement

To ensure fixture appearance is the same or warehouses requiring a lighting upgrade, full fixture LED replacement is the way to go. Our LED Linear High Bay Fixtures are unparalleled with up to 70% in energy savings without needing to modify the fixtures, and a 40in Chain and Mounting Hooks are included for versatile installation options. Going with a full replacement is the ideal option, since installation is usually quicker than taking down and modifying up to hundred of fixtures for LED compatibility, though the upfront cost can be higher depending on the fixture replacement.

Factors for Deciding Warehouse Lighting

Retrofitting existing fixtures usually only requires the existing fixture wattage for a 1:1 LED replacement. For new builds, the mounting height, fixture spacing, and footcandle requirements for a particular space are all factors that help to determine what type and how many of a particular fixture is needed. Using photometric lighting layouts, we are able to calculate approximate values at certain heights and spacing to maximize energy savings!

For a lighting layout on your next warehouse LED retrofitting project or for any other assistance, please feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call at +1 (813) 649-8899 or by emailing

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  • Michael Tomas