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Barn Lights for Garage Lighting


Garages are often the first sight of a home when approached as they are typically an access point for home owners and guests, so the lighting there needs to be both adequate and appealing.

When making the decision on what lighting fixtures to install, the consideration of the size and style of the garage will help determine how many, and what kind of Gooseneck fixtures to use.

led garage barn lightSingle car garages typically are accommodated by a single Warehouse Shade with a Gooseneck Arm above the garage door, as this provides great light spread on the driveway and the door.

When there are wider doors or 2 car garages, the placement of 1x fixture on either end of the door is becoming a popular look as shown in this barn style home.

garage lighting
Detached garages typically are for more than just your standard car, and have larger doors to allow for things such as R.V., Boats, etc, however they don't always need the entire area to be illuminated.

This customer only needed lighting focused on her main garage door, so installing large Warehouse Shades just on either side of the main garage door.

When customers want to have matching garage lighting fixtures and garage side door fixtures, the smaller warehouse shades with a shorter gooseneck arm length option is the best route, as shown on this side door with the 14” RLM Warehouse Shade and 10” Gooseneck Arm.
wall scone garage door

Of course there are no limits in the end as to which fixture you can use, as you can always use our different LED bulbs for sale in these fixtures to achieve different results as well.

Need some help deciding which is the best route for you to go? Reach out to HTM Lighting Solutions today for your one on one support session!

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