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The Pros & Cons of LED-Integrated Lighting Fixtures

As LED’s are taking over the lighting market, many manufacturers such as HTM Lighting, have started integrating them right into their products, creating an entire new fixture. 

In the past, for most lighting applications the light fixture and the light source (bulb) were manufactured as two separate products, which made sense back in the day however, with new technology, not so much. The light fixture and light source were made separate, so that when the bulb burnt out within its short life span, the consumer could easily swap it out and keep their fixture. Nowadays, since the technology of LED allows for LEDs to last decades, having to replace the new fixture is not of concern; as by the time the LED burns out you probably will want a new fixture anyways. 


Although there are many reasons, the most significant reasons lighting manufactures are integrating LEDs into their fixtures include: 
  • Value added to the product/fixture 
  • New designs and styles of fixtures 
  • Optimization of LED benefits
The idea of an entirely integrated LED fixture brings many incentives to lighting manufacturers, as the pros add a great value to their product(s), as long as they can efficiently introduce them into production without major setbacks or costs. 

integrated ledIntegrating LED’s into fixtures also allows for more diverse designs and types of lighting fixtures. Since LEDs can be placed sporadically, it allows companies such as HTM Lighting to design new fixtures and achieve new visual appearances in their existing fixtures, such as HTM Lighting Solutions' Integrated LED Gooseneck Barn Lights.

Additionally when you have a fixture that is integrated with LEDs, you will then benefit from the technology in ways such as the long lifespan of the fixture, the energy savings, and the personalization that LEDs allow for.


Although there are many benefits of integrating LED’s into fixtures for both the manufacturer and the customer, there also are some concerns that arise from the customer's point of view. 
  • Possible expiration dates of the fixture 
  • Replacement / warranty issues for LED failure 
led barn lightWith traditional lighting fixtures, the consumer has them installed as a permanent lighting source, acknowledging that they only have to replace the bulb inside when the time comes; and although LEDs have a typical lifespan of 50,000+ hours, lasting over a decade, this creates some hesitation. When a customer is making the choice for lighting, many take the time to do their research and choose a fixture based on its appearance and functionality, and when they finally do choose one, they typically don't want to have to make that choice again.

As defects can happen, and LEDs do fail from time to time, the lighting manufacturer has to then decide what kind of warranty they're going to offer. HTM Lighting Solutions offers a 5-Year warranty on most of their products, as do most other companies, and typically the process is rather hassle free. (Be sure to always review the manufacturer warranty prior to a purchase)  

Knowing that the Integrated LED fixture you are investing in is backed up by a warranty will help ease the decision making process for the customer, as they know that in the rare occurrence that their LED fixture fails prematurely, they have coverage under warranty. 

The new advancement of LED technology is allowing for great new products and benefits in the lighting world, however it still remains unclear how well the consumers will accept this new change; so tell us what you think! Do you prefer traditional fixtures with replaceable bulbs, or the new integrated LEDs such as shoe box light fixtures

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