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Benefits Of LED Corn Lights For Parking Lot Lights Retrofit


Parking lots do not need to be dark, shady places. A well lit parking lot provides a sense of safety which cannot be replaced with any other alternative. But, the cost of energy and high amount of bills restrict many from opting for this. This is where LED retrofits come in.

Retrofit Solutions are a great method of adding new LED technology to existing systems. By replacing traditional lighting systems with LED Retrofit Kits, customers will start immediate savings by minimizing operating, and maintenance costs. Find out why you should not wait any longer to switch to LED:

Provides a better retrofit option

If you are opting to replace traditional inneficient lighting, it is better to go for a lighting system which is best suited for that particular place.

Parking Lot Lights can now be easily converted by using LED corn light which are over 75% more efficient than the standard Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium Equivalent. HTM Lighting provides LED Corn Light Bulbs which provides a full 360° of even lighting coverage. Retrofitting a parking lot light fixture with a LED Corn Light can usually be done in less than 10min!

Easier installation makes it more feasible for retrofits

Our LED Corn Light bulbs have either a standard E26 Medium Base for lower wattage replacement, or an E39 Mogul Base for higher wattages such as 100W MH and above. Both are easy to install, especially for replacing conventional lighting systems. In order to be fully functional, these metal halide LED replacement bulbs will require a simply ballast bypass as they all carry an internal power supply to limit the energy and space waste.

Brighter light; less energy consumption

While consuming much less energy, it will drastically enable you  to reduce electrical energy costs by over 75%. Furthermore, as there is no maintenance required post-installation, you will enjoy the benefit of a brighter light without the hassle of figuring out whether the bulb or ballast went out.

Environmental friendly alternative to a number of traditional lighting options

These are environmental friendly as they do not contain any harmful substances such as mercury or fluorescent materials. This makes it easier to use and eliminates chances of pollution in our immediate environment. They are recyclable, making them eco-friendly as well.

As retrofits, our LED corn lights can replace metal halide discharge lamps (HID), fluorescent lamps (CFL), incandescent bulbs, high pressure sodium (HPS) lights, SON and HQI lights.

Want to lighten up your parking lot? Get an estimate today for HTM LED corn lights and retrofit kits. We are commercial lighting manufacturers, specializing in outdoor commercial lighting.

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  • Hugo Merminod