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Commercial LED Lighting


Commercial LED LightingCommercial LED Lighting is a specialized field that has specific requirements related to larger scale applications. These systems offer solutions for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects that can be decorative and practical. Lighting is broken down into two groups, residential grade or commercial grade. They are classified as such because of the component differences found inside the light bulbs. Commercial grade products have better internal components, making them more durable and last longer. Many businesses run certain lights 24 hours a day and they need to live up to the task.

Save Money
There are economic reasons why businesses choose LED commercial lighting.LED lights are known for their long-life technology, making them the go to light for businesses who want to save money. They continue to shine after a fluorescent or traditional incandescent bulb has stopped working. LED lighting solutions are being used by offices, retail, warehouses, and hospitality services all around the world because of their efficiency.

LED Retrofits
Lights in parking lots often use a higher wattage bulb than typically used for other applications. Many of them are still running off of old technology that need constant maintenance and are expensive to operate. If a business is paying unnecessary energy costs due to outdated bulbs, it is time for a change. There are LED retrofitting options that reuse the existing fixture, which makes the whole process easy and affordable.

Shopping Centers
Shopping Centers are a hub of activity and the lighting needs to feel welcoming. The point is to bring people in and encourage them to stay and shop. To do this they need to use plenty of lights that are efficient and illuminating. These are large areas that can be expensive to light, but by retrofitting their fixtures to LED, the savings will be immediate. This is an investment that will see pay back quickly through maintenance and energy savings.

Save the Earth
Today’s society is aware of the impact that their decisions are having on the environment. LED bulbs are the right choice for businesses and the world around them. Their long life span reduces manufacturing costs, reduces material in the landfill, and reduces energy costs. LEDs are mercury free, which helps keep the world’s water supply clean for future generations. LED lighting is a winning combination that everyone can get on board with. Leading-edge companies are switching to LEDs because it is the right thing to do.

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Commercial Center LED Retrofits!

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