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How to Retrofit your Costly Metal Halide Bulbs


Across the United States, many commercial properties are converting their existing metal halide lights to LED technology. In the past, this actually required a complete fixture replacement because there simply was no other alternative.

While upfront costs associated with metal halide LED retrofits are high, it does result in tremendous energy and labor savings over time. Fortunately, the need for a complete fixture change is no longer required as HTM Lighting Solutions introduces two of the most efficient LED Retrofit Lamps on the market. These LED replacements for 175 Watt Metal Halide bulbs not only offer the same life as more expensive LED fixtures, but are extremely affordable at less than half the cost!

60W LED Dustproof Retrofit Corn Light

Utilizing only 60 Watts of consumable energy, the 60W LED Corn Cob light bulb easily replaces up to 200 Watt Metal Halide bulbs in Roadway lights, street lights, wall packs, post lights, garage lighting fixtures, parking lot lights, and more!

This metal halide LED Retrofit results in an energy saving of $1014.00 per fixture.* Installation is quick and sample with the 60W LED Dustproof Retrofit Corn Light. Simply remove the existing metal halide from the light fixture and bypass the HID ballast.

Then screw in this multi-voltage (110-277VAC) retrofit lamp. This LED bulb is omni-directional, meaning it emits light at a 360-degree angle. Additionally, this 60W Corn Cob bulb has a built-in integral 50,000 hour cooling fan that provides additional thermal management. This feature ensures proper LED junction temperatures are controlled in a fully enclosed fixture.

  •  60 Watt LED Corn Cob Bulb
  • Universal Voltage 110-277VAC
  • 5700K – Natural White
  • 6,900 Lumens
  • 50,000 Life Hours
  • E39 Mogul Base
  • IP64 Waterproof Rating
  • 360-Degree Beam Angle
  • Ballast Bypass


65W LED High Bay Retrofit Kit

 Utilizing only 65 Watts of consumable energy, the High Bay retrofit kit is the latest and greatest in energy efficient LED retrofits. The unique and specially engineered kit is the perfect replacement for up to 200 Watt HID or Metal Halide bulbs in fixtures that even have vertically mounted lamps. They are specifically designed to replace HID High Bay fixtures, enabling significant energy savings. They are the ideal solution for shopping centers, supermarkets, warehouses, parking garages, and billboards.  

These kits use the latest CREE-CITE LED Technology, as well as Meanwell Driver HLG Series. This LED retrofit can yield up to massive amounts of savings per year. Its high uniformity, and vertical light distribution reduce glare and create effective security light levels.  They are also UL Listed & DLC Certified, allowing for federal & state rebates. Ask your local energy company for more information!

  • 65 Watt LED Retrofit Kit
  • Replaces up to 200W HID Bulbs
  • UL Listed & DLC Certified
  • 6,400-6,800 Lumens
  • 100-277VAC Universal Voltage
  • 3000K, 4100K, and 6000K
  • 50,000 Life Hours
  • Custom Mounting Base

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