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Follow These Simple Tips to Select the Best Gooseneck Lighting


Follow These Simple Tips to Select the Best Gooseneck Lighting 

If you’re looking for lighting that incorporates aesthetics and functionality, then gooseneck lighting is a perfect choice.Gooseneck LED Lighting

Gooseneck lights work great for both commercial and residential use and they can be easily installed anywhere indoors and outdoors. Business quite frequently use gooseneck lighting to illuminate store front signs or to illuminate doorways and shop windows.   

Gooseneck lights are the perfect choice for illuminating any type space.  However, choosing the right gooseneck lights can be a challenging undertaking.

Here are some tips that can help you make a more informed decision:


First, you’ll need to pick out what type of look you are wanting out of your shade.  Gooseneck ECO-RLM’s come in a variety of different shades, including angle shades, barn shades, emblem shades, railroad shades, radial wave shades, and many more.

When choosing a shade, you not only have to pick out the style you are wanting but, you have to consider the space that you are intending to illuminate. Different shades provide a different output of light.  

For example, if you are wanting to light up a sign on the side of your building, you would want to choose a shade that would focus the direction of the light on your sign, like the angle shade or emblem shade. Whereas, if you were wanting to light up a door on the side of your building, you would want a shade that would illuminate the large area of the door, like the warehouse shade.

Gooseneck Arm

Now you are going to want to pick out the length and style of the gooseneck arm. Again, you must consider the space that you are trying to illuminate. The length of your arm will determine the amount of area that is illuminated.

For example, if you are illuminating a sign on the side of the building, the size of the sign will determine the length of arm that you need. If you have a sign that is only 2ft in height, then you would be able to use a shorter arm. However, if you have a sign that is 8ft in length, then you would want to get a longer arm. The longer arm will give you a bigger beam spread of the light.  

Mounting Source

After finalizing a shade, you need to pick a suitable mounting source. You will find many mounts. General rule of thumb is to pick unique, decorative and practical mounts. Most importantly, take into consideration the space where you will place gooseneck light.  


Now it’s time to pick what type of finish you are wanting for your gooseneck light. This of course will mostly be based on your personal preference. You also will want to keep in mind, what you will be mounting the gooseneck light to and what you are illuminating, as you want to pick a finish that will flow with them.  

There are a variety of finishes, including Satin Black, Satin Red, White, Architectural Bronze, and more.

The finishes are electrostatically sprayed and oven baked with UV stabilized paint, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  


The last step, and maybe one of the most important steps is to pick out the type of bulb. Gooseneck lights give you the option of using incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and, of course, LED bulbs.

LED bulbs are the best choice, as they reduce energy consumption up to 80%, compared to incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that are of the same brightness.

With these tips and tricks, you can buy the best gooseneck light fixtures for your home or office. Need to buy gooseneck lights? HTM Lighting has got you covered!

HTM Lighting Solutions has over 8 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing and supplying commercial and industrial LED lighting products in US and Canada. They offer a large range of indoor and outdoor gooseneck lights and accessories at amazing prices.

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