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Going For Dimmable LEDs? Check Out These Dos and Don’ts


Dimmable LED lights are growing fast in popularity, however, even with the expansive growth, there is still some space for improvement if users understand how they can optimize it.

LED lights, on their own, have captured the attention of customers worldwide in a way that other alternatives have never been able to do. The exceptional energy savings along with the versatility make LEDs one of the few popular lighting options today.

Here are a few dimmable LED lighting dos and don’ts:

Do Purchase ‘Dimmable’ LED Lights

It may sound obvious, but it is a common misconception that any LED light can be dimmed. The truth is that the driver circuitry must be designed to support dimming. This makes it necessary to choose lights that come with manufacturer specifications, saying ‘dimmable’.

However, due to the lack of industry standards for dimmable LEDs, a variety of approaches by lamp manufacturers have been adopted to offer dimming options.

Do Read the Specifications

A large number of prominent advancements have been made in the LED sector. LEDs today are able to achieve far better lumens per watt. This is also true in the case of halogen mimicking warm white lamps that involve compromising on the total output to create an incandescent hue.

You won’t want to connect a dimmer if the LED is already dimmed enough as it won’t be of much use. Instead, go for LEDs that are inherently made bright as this will give you a broader dimming range.

Do Purchase From Renowned Brands

There is a lot of variation between the dimming abilities of LEDs that come from different manufacturers. You may find it disappointing when you find out the stability of output and ranges of brightness is not what you were looking for when you purchase lower quality lights.

Only choose from reliable LED manufacturers and brands to ensure that you get longer lamp life, better dimming features, and product warranties.

Don’t Use Just Any Dimmer

Standard dimmers are more likely to cause flickering, strobing, and even early LED failure. They are often not designed to work with just any LED light. Using standard dimmers will not just damage the LED light but will also result in a poor user experience.

Don’t Buy LEDs Before Buying A Dimmer

Dimmers that are designed specifically for LED lighting have maximum and minimum load capabilities. Make sure that you design your LED installations so that you don’t exceed the maximum load limit. An easy way to handle load distribution is by distributing it across two or more dimmers, depending on your needs. It is a good idea to first purchase dimmers and later invest in the right LED Lights.

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  • Hugo Merminod