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Here Is The Proper Way To Maintain Outdoor Lighting


In addition to offering an aesthetic purpose, the installation of outdoor lighting fixtures has functional benefits as well.

Motion sensor and exterior house lights help light up dark areas, but these lights can only work their best after routine maintenance.

Following is a guide that will help homeowners clean and fix their own outdoor lighting fixtures. 

How to Clean and Fix Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures are commonly divided into 3 types: landscape spotlights, wall lights (or sconces) and garden post lights. Each one requires different care.

Spot Lights

These help illuminate architectural and landscape features in one section of a building or garden from below. Twigs, dead leaves and grass clippings often accumulate inside the fixture and are to be removed and dusted with a rag. To reduce the need for maintenance, spotlight covers can be installed for these lights and in the areas where debris accumulates quickly.

Wall Lights

These outdoor lighting fixtures gather a lot of dust and cobwebs, especially around and inside them. A small broom can be used to clear clinging cobwebs and dust away. Next, wash the fixture’s exterior using warm water, a mild biodegradable soap, and a soft brush. The same implements can easily wipe away residue on motion sensors as well!

The final step (once lighting fixtures are dry) to clean this light fixture is to apply a rust-resistant seal coat on the metal parts using a small, sponge brush.  

Post Lights

Also known as garden lights, these are lights mounted on stakes and pushed into the ground to provide light to pathways and planted flowerbeds. As compared to other landscaping lighting fixtures, these do not require much cleaning but foot traffic can easily dislodge them.

Owners will need to check that each light is securely placed and in a straight manner in the ground. In case of a wobbly post light, owners can scoop dirt into the hole and pack the fixtures down with the help of a trowel. The added soil on top will keep post lights secure.

We recommend installing outdoor lighting fixtures depending on the style and layout of your home but for this, you will need to browse through our extensive library of lighting fixtures first.

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