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The Ultimate Buying Guide: Flood Lights


When placed strategically, floodlights will "flood an area with high intensity light", as the name suggests. These lighting fixtures are typically used in security lighting applications in addition to spotlighting and accent lighting, such as monument sign lighting, pathway lighting, or lighting a beautiful landscape.

The number of options available to buyers will surprise you when it comes to floodlights. Whether you need the lighting fixture to place emphasis on a monument sign or want to place the floodlight on a tree, sifting through all the options and finding the right one is just a matter of looking at the right place.

HTM Lighting Solutions, the best commercial lighting fixture manufacturer, also offers floodlight fixtures for outside use and at reasonable prices. The following are some considerations that suggested by the expert LED floodlight manufacturer and which should be kept in mind before buying these lighting fixtures. 


Buyers have numerous options when it comes to buying a floodlight based solely on its type of finish. The most popular ones are; stainless steel, copper and colored lacquer on aluminum. One helpful tip for clients having trouble picking the perfect outdoor LED floodlight is to pick one that matches the style of their home or business enterprise.  While these fixtures address a functional need, they can also add aesthetic appeal to a home or business.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensor floodlights are both practical and incredibly affordable for consumers. What are they? These lighting fixtures operate with help from infrared sensors and pick up heat waves when someone or thing is moving within range. Typically, these sensors have a 180-degree motion range and are able to pick up objects, animals and people from up to 75 feet away!

Dusk to Dawn Lights

For home and business owners concerned primarily with security, installing dusk to dawn lights is the best available option, and the reason is simple. LED Floodlights with dusk-to-dawn photocells can turn on and off automatically during the day with the sunrise and sunset. While this feature is an excellent way to conserve energy and add an extra layer of protection, consumers will have to be cautious and make sure neighbors are fine when installing this type of outdoor floodlight.

Whether for commercial use or installing the floodlight in the home for extra security, be sure to choose one that suits for lighting needs. Feel free to contact HTM Lighting Solutions today for our recommendations on your lighting project and a complimentary quote!

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  • Hugo Merminod