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How LED Lighting Can Save You A Ton Of Money


How LED Lighting Can Save You A Ton Of Money

LED Industrial LightingDepending on the size of the factory or warehouse, your energy costs related to lighting can vary. However, regardless of your operational capacity, all industries have one thing in common: lighting expenses.

Facility managers often struggle with saving money. Upgrading to a new lighting system might seem like a huge upfront expense; but LED lighting can save money and increase in positive ROI over time. 

Improvement through a Better Lighting System

Industrial LED lights consume a lot less power than conventional lighting product because of the higher luminous efficacy possessed by LED lights. LED lighting technologies can improve warehouses, factory facilities and offices, across the board, with superior energy efficiency specifications. Listed below is a comparison of incandescent, CFL and LED lighting:




Compact Fluorescent

LED Lights

Luminous Efficacy  per Watt

10 -17 lm/W

50-70 lm/W

70-120+ lm/W


LED lights lead to a significant reduction in energy consumption.  It also doesn’t hurt that LEDs offer a much higher level of brightness. Therefore, along with major savings in costs, business facilities can also leave a smaller impact on the planet. Even more, we have created a comparison chart to illustrate to you the differences in power needed in three types of lighting by showing the electricity needed to get 900 lumens out of the different types of bulbs. While creating this table, it was assumed that the bulbs were in use for 8 hours every day, and that electricity costs were 0.10 USD/kWh.




Compact Fluorescent

LED Lights

Power needed

60 W

18 W

9 W

kWh consumed

174 kWh

52.2 kWh

26.1 kWh

Electricity Cost

17.4 USD

5.2 USD

2.6 USD

CO2 released

243.1 lbs

72.9 lbs

36.5 lbs

Coal used

93.0 kg

27.9 kg

14.0 kg


Savings through Rebates and Maintenance

Industrial LED lights are known to last much longer than any other light sources. This helps reduce maintenance costs dramatically, leading to major savings in the long run. 

The Design Lights Consortium tests lighting products for their quality and efficiency. Even more, when your business invests in DLC qualified LED lights, you can find some great rebate opportunities. Talk to your utility company and see if you qualify for any rebates or savings.

Are You Ready to Switch to Industrial LED Lighting?

Here at HTM Lighting Solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services to help make the switch to this cost efficient lighting solution a no-brainer!

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