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Beat the Business Blues with Cheaper Bills


Beat the Business Blues with Cheaper Bills

Lower your electricity billsSeveral factors go into determining how much a business pays for gas and electricity. While electricity bills offer a good breakdown of all factors involved, they seldom offer any guidance on how to reduce costs and related overheads. In order to offer some guidance, here is a list of ways to reduce your electricity bill and keep that extra cash in your pocket.

Establish Energy Efficient Practices

For starters, speak with your utility company and see if you may qualify for a discount. Determine if there are any ways to directly reduce the price you pay to the company each much. Ask questions and find out if there are peak times that need to be avoided. Try to use surplus energy during the low or off peak hours. Relay the information you acquire to your employees and make them aware of energy-saving techniques. Encourage your employees to never waste electricity by leaving unnecessary lights on and to use energy in the most efficient way possible.

Make sure you perform the following:

Buy energy efficient devices

Don’t be intimidated by the price. Energy efficient products cost more, but these also end up saving you much more money after years of use. These devices practically pay for themselves in as little as 5 years. Spend just a little more now for significant savings down the road.

Minimize artificial lighting

Natural lighting is practically free, while artificial lighting consumes plenty of power. Many people leave lights on during day when they could be using natural lighting instead. Make maximum use of daylight and use artificial lights in areas that don’t have access to natural daylight. Less energy used leads to smaller bills to pay!

Introduce energy efficient lighting

Replace all existing bulbs with LEDs. There are plenty of deals to be found online for outdoor commercial lighting and high quality indoor LED lighting etc. These consume a lot less power and offer an incredibly longer lifespan. In fact, lights qualified by DesignLights Consortium (DLC) can reduce energy costs by up to 75%. (You can find an entire range of commercial LED lighting products here.)

Food for thought…

Adopting these energy efficient practices could reduce your organization’s power requirements by more than 75%. The exact amount really depends on how many steps you take to reduce costs, for example, how many lighting fixtures and fittings you decide to replace.

Usually a 20-24W fluorescent tube can be exchanged safely with a 10W LED—which is about a 50% to 60% saving.  On the other hand, a 7W LED can easily replace the more serious 50W halogen—that is an unbelievable 86% saving.

With all of that being said, imagine the impact that energy efficient lighting can have on your carbon target acquisition, carbon impact, and, of course, savings! Start making smart decisions about your energy consumption today!

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  • Hugo Merminod