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How To Choose The Right Gooseneck RLM Fixture


Adjustable Gooseneck Barn LightOutdoor Gooseneck Barn Lights & RLM Gooseneck Light Fixtures have been around for decades, and are still highly sought after to this day for uses such as outdoor sign lighting, storefront lighting, and barn lighting. The aesthetics of Gooseneck RLM Lighting is a combination of modern and traditional designs that are handcrafted and manufactured with high quality materials allowing these fixtures to be durable in outdoor weather conditions.

In the today's lighting world, there are countless options and designs that you can choose from to achieve the curb appeal you are looking for. With all of the options available, it is easy to become overwhelmed and unsure when trying to decide on the look of your fixture, but be sure to not forget the reason you are using these gooseneck RLM light fixtures! The functionality of your fixture is one of the most important things you need to take into consideration, while still making sure the fixture is appealing, and is why HTM Lighting Solutions is here to help!

RLM Shades

The shades available can be chosen by eye appeal for the most part, however, depending on the application of the fixtures, this could play a role in if the shade will function properly. Offering four different lines of shades, the Fovero RLM, ECO-RLM, AA RLM, and the Integrated LED Goosenecks, the fixtures are all designed for a wide variety of uses such as signage lighting, storefronts, restaurants, and residential lighting! If you are looking to illuminate a sign, you would want to go with a more directed shade, such as an Angle Shade; or if you are looking to illuminate a driveway for example, a Warehouse Shade style would be best. Don't forget the type of LED bulb you use alongside with the fixture will determine the light levels you will achieve as well.

When deciding on your large gooseneck barn lights, one of the most important choices to make is not only just the best shade, but also the best gooseneck arm to go along with it. Determining the application of the fixture is going aide in the decision of which option to go with, such as if you are looking to illuminate a sign, you need to consider the size of it. As a rule of thumb for signage lighting, we recommend to mount gooseneck fixtures at least 12”-15” above the sign and space the fixtures 3’ apart from one another. Now depending on the height of the sign, there are a few different arm length options.

Gooseneck Arm Length

Sign Height  Recommended Gooseneck Arm Length
1-2 Feet 10" or 13" Arm 
2-3 feet 15" Arm
4-6 Feet 22" Arm
6-8 Feet 24" Arm
9-10 Feet 30" Arm
10+ Feet 41" Arm


gooseneck galvanized barn lightOn different applications like driveways or barn lighting, the length of the arm can be determined by the mounting height and placement of the fixture.

For example, the higher you are mounting a fixture, like at the top of a barn, you would want to use a longer arm such as the 22” or 24” Gooseneck Arm, where as if you are mounting the fixture next to your garage door for driveway lighting, you could use a 15” Gooseneck Arm.

Additionally if you are looking for a doorway light, or more of a wall sconce look, the 10” Gooseneck Arm is best as it keeps the shade close to the wall while still delivering an adequate light spread. Always keep in mind if there are any surrounding obstructions that may cause issues with the installation of the fixtures such as overhangs, or junction box placement.

HTM Lighting Solutions offers endless shade and arm options, which allows you to create the perfect look you are trying to achieve while still keeping the fixture very functional. If you are having trouble finding the look you want or even if you are unsure if the fixture you picked will be suitable for your application, our experienced sales team is always available and happy to help!

Questions or comments? We always have ears open to any new input and suggestions, as we enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge. Contact us today for your complimentary quote on any project, or just to give some input, 813-649-8899 or  

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