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Reasons Why You Should Buy LED Flood Lights


120 volt led landscape lighting benefits

When owning a business, saving as much money as possible is always on the mind, however trying to figure out how to do so can become frustrating. Although labor and inventory may be the first to cross your mind, small details should also be considered such as your lighting.

In today's world, energy efficiency is slowly permeating which is why switching to more energy efficient items can play a crucial role. Learn more about how we are helping businesses buy LED lighting during COVID-19. Not only will you be assisting in protecting the environment around you, but also making a smart financial decision as well for your business. 

Making the choice to switch your outdoor lighting to commercial outdoor LED flood light fixtures is an intelligent decision from either point of view you look at it from. You will be saving money, helping the environment, and creating an appealing look for your business which can attract more customers. Here are some additional reasons why you should change out your outdoor lighting to LED Flood Lights!

They Last Longer

How long do LED flood lights last? Unlike the lighting at a home, business lighting typically runs all night/day long, which put a lot of strain on the traditional bulbs in use and shortens their lifespan. The fixtures constantly running can cause their lumen output to depreciate even faster even though you are not turning them on and off frequently as you would at home.

LED’s are built for the purpose of longevity and reliability, even if you constantly are running them. HTM Lighting Solutions have tested their LED Flood Lights and if they are ran 12 hours per day, every day, they would last over 11 years before you would start to notice them becoming dim! Once the flood light finally reaches it life of 50,000+ hours, they will slowly depreciate their light output instead of shutting off or being extremely dim like the traditional bulbs being used, so this assures you will not have to worry about these fixtures for a while. 

Less Heat

The most noticeable problem with traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs people come across is the heat that these bulbs put out, which can become a safety hazard. If your fixtures are near seating areas or walkways, the heat put off by these fixtures could become dangerous say a fixture was accidentally touched. LED flood lights do not put off anywhere near as much heat, as these fixtures are designed to run at very cool temperatures and dissipate their heat output within the fixture. This eliminates any possible chance to harm your customers and helps the surrounding area become more comfortable to be in.

They Are Recyclable

Incandescent and CFL bulbs are manufactured with many toxic chemicals, and when it's time to discard them after their short life, you may have trouble with disposing them. The pollutants and toxins used in these traditional bulbs do not allow you to efficiently dispose of them, unlike LED flood lights, which are 100% recyclable. Allowing you to easily dispose of the LED fixtures after their very long lifespan makes LED fixtures eco friendly from start to finish. 

Specific Light Direction

When you are trying to focus on something specific with your outdoor lighting, such as a sign or up the side of your building, this can become difficult to do when using traditional bulbs. Unlike their outdated competitors, LED flood light fixtures are designed to focus on a specific area which can be done just by angling the fixture and not using any added reflectors or shades. Alternatively, if you are wanting more of broad area illuminated, you can still achieve this with a wide beam LED Flood Light offered by HTM Lighting

Having these options can become very important in the look you are trying to achieve along with the welcoming ambiance you are trying to create for your customers.

Energy Cost Savings

The important part to business owners and those who pay the bills; what kind of electrical savings are you going to obtain? When switching to LED flood lights, you almost always cut the wattage consumed in half, and when you have multiple fixtures, this can become very substantial in savings! Operating a large storefront or business area, will typically mean quite a few fixtures and by changing them to LED, this will then allow you to put money back into your pocket for every hour the new fixtures are running.

After a short few months, LED lighting will pay for its initial costs and then some, as they will be consuming less then half the electricity compared to what you have been using. 


Being IP65 rated, HTM Lighting's LED flood lights are sealed away from the weather and environment and will not be affected by extreme heat or cold, allowing them to be very versatile and dependable with no restrictions as to what they can be used for.  

LED Flood Lights are also not made up of glass like their relatives, but rather made of strong aluminum an that allows the fixture to withstand the rough environment and still perform as it was deigned to. 

No Noise

When operating traditional lights, you will notice the buzzing noise and flickering of the bulbs regularly, which can become annoying and even cause harm to those who are sensitive to light. Many complain of headaches and eye strain due to these factors, or even just the nuisance for which can be totally eliminated by LED fixtures, as there is not flicker nor noise emitted; ever!

As listed above, there are many ways you can benefit from LED Flood Lights, including putting money back into you pocket. Switching to an LED fixture can be easier and more affordable than ever with the help of HTM Lighting, and you can even be eligible to receive discount or rebates from your electrical company!

Consult the DSIRE website (Database of State Incentives for Renewals and Efficiency) for a comprehensive list of incentives available in your region.

Questions or comments? We always have ears open to any new input and suggestions, as we enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge. Contact us today for your complimentary quote on any project, or just to give some input, 813-649-8899 or


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