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Consider This When Choosing An LED Corn Light


LED Corn Lighting

When it comes to choosing your outdoor lighting, the decision is not always so easy with all of the available choices; especially when you have to purchase quite a few of them. With the category of outdoor LED lighting be so vast, this blog is to focus mainly on LED Corn Lights.

Many businesses have outdoor spaces that need to be properly illuminated while still remaining affordable, and they turn to lighting experts to help assist with their decision; although not all advice given is accurate.

HTM Lighting Solutions has been aiding in the decision of which LED Corn Light is best for a customers application for quite some time now, and if we think our corn lights won't be best,  were not afraid to inform the customers as we value integrity and focus on the customer's individual needs.

Things To Keep in Mind While Purchasing LED Corn Lights

Prior to purchasing an LED Corn Light, there's a few things that need consideration besides just finding the equivalent wattage. The CCT of the bulb, the application it will be used in, and the lumen output are just a few questions you need to be sure you have answered when deciding on which bulb is going to be best for you.

What are you replacing?

When upgrading to LED Corn Lights, you usually will have an old bulb that you are replacing. Knowing the information on this bulb such as its wattage and type is crucial when finding its replacement. The type of bulb you are replacing will play a role in the LED Corn Light you can use, as some traditional bulbs can be much shorter or skinnier than their LED substitute, which tend to be wider.

Additionally, most outdoor fixtures are designed and built around the bulb they will be housing, so when converting to LED you need to be sure the new LED Corn Light will fit inside the fixture without heavy modification.


Metal Halide Corn Light
HTM’s LED Corn Light Replacement
100W (Fanless)
125W (Fanless)

What is the application?

The application of where and how this LED Corn Light will be used is a key factor when choosing the bulb to go with, as well as how the bulb will be mounted and what socket your fixture houses. LED Corn Lights come in an option of either the E26 medium base, or the E39/EX39 Mogul base, which will be dependent on the fixture you have; most commercial fixtures will house the large E39/EX39 mogul base, whereas more decorative or residential fixtures will house the standard E26 base.

Depending on whether you are mounting your LED Corn Lights vertically or horizontally, you may be able to utilize the new technology of fan less designed models. These fan less models can only be installed vertically as the added aeronautic heat sink to the bulb makes the bulb larger to efficiently dissipate the heat.

HTM Lighting Solutions LED Corn Lights also come in a 5000K and 5700K Cool White depending on the wattage, so this is something you also want to consider based on the application of the corn lights.

What is the lumen output?

Knowing the lumen output of the LED Corn Light you are looking at is important when replacing an old bulb, as you want the new LED bulb to be just as bright, or even brighter than what you currently have. Typically older bulbs, Metal Halide for example, consume higher amounts of energy and create a higher electric bill, all while rapidly reducing the produced light overtime. When converting to LED Corn Lights, you will be consuming very low wattage therefore keeping your electrical costs low.

Always remember that when converting to LED, base your comparisons on the efficacy of the LED Corn Light rather than just wattage and lumens. 

36W LED Corn Light Replacing 100W Incandescent

What are they rated, and is there a warranty?

HTM Lighting Solutions LED Corn Lights are rated for use in fully enclosed fixtures, along with use in open fixture due to their IP rating. Having a LED Corn Light that is IP64 rated tells you that it can sustain dust, insects, and indirect water, however it cannot be in direct contact with these elements. In most applications, the fixtures housing the corn light are designed to protect the bulb and have no issues, but there are always alternative products if you can't avoid water contact, just ask!

Thus bringing us to the manufacturer warranty, which most reliable companies will offer and stand behind with no problem. HTM Lighting Solutions offers a 5 year unlimited warranty on all their LED Corn Lights, and have a hassle-free process. In the event you ever have an issue with one of HTM Lighting Solutions products please do not hesitate to reach out to us as our warranty team is here to help!

Questions or comments? We always have ears open to any new input and suggestions, as we enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge. Contact us today for your complimentary quote on any project, or just to give some input, 813-649-8899 or

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