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Love Gooseneck Barn Lights? Here Are A Few Places To Use Them For A More Decorative Look


It’s no surprise that vintage lighting trend, barn lighting, is in full swing these days.

Most decorative barn lights available today utilize a classic metal shade in an industrial style. They also feature the traditional gooseneck frame which extends the light towards the fixture.

Gooseneck barn lighting takes you back to the simpler time, adding a rustic feel to your commercial space. Rustic gooseneck barn lights look flawless at the front door, storefront or even your garage.

When you search the market for gooseneck barn lighting options, you will come across the term RLM which means Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer. This indicates a fixture that is designed to point light downwards. Many commercial buyers specify RLM to comply with The Dark Sky Ordinance.

Here are a few places you can use rustic gooseneck barn lights to add a more decorative look:

Warehouse Lofts

Warehouse and barn gooseneck lights share the same path of evolution. A large number of studios and loft apartments integrate different types of gooseneck lights to create dynamic shadowing and enhance the retro vibe.

Farm-Style Housing

If you are planning to restore an old family farm or construct a replica, gooseneck lights can help add a touch of authenticity to your farm style home.


There is a growing trend of renovating old barns for receptions and parties. This has also contributed to the interest in rustic barn light fixtures due to their aesthetic appeal and benefits.


Galvanized metal gooseneck lights fit perfectly in any motif, allowing you to light up your basement in any fashion you want. Whether you are renovating it to build a man cave or a guest room, gooseneck lighting is the way to go.

Retail Storefronts

Even in cases where the retail environment doesn’t have a retro theme, the RLM feature of gooseneck lights allows them to light up retail signs and entryways in the most compelling way.

The downward concentration of light allows you to divert focus on what you want.

Outdoor Lighting

Because of their versatility, gooseneck lights look perfect with almost any type of home or commercial setting when installed outdoors.

Gooseneck barn lighting is gradually becoming the primary choice for retail storefronts, and even homeowners, looking to add more appeal to their homes. We have a diverse collection of gooseneck lights available in a variety of finishes and colors. Check out our complete collection today.

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  • Hugo Merminod