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Product Overview: Linear High Bay Fixtures


HTM Lighting Solutions’ LED Linear High Bay Fixtures are an excellent choice for lighting interior commercial spaces, including warehouses, storage facilities, and recreation centers. These LED fixtures provide bright and efficient lighting, and are usually ceiling mounted for downlighting.

These fixtures are rated for 100-277VAC and are available in 110W, 165W, and 300W options for a variety of interior applications and ceiling heights.

Installation is simple, with a 40in chain and hooks included to adjust the mounting height as needed. Multiple knockouts are also provided for additional accessories, such as Microwave Motion Sensors (not included) and occupancy sensors.

110W 165W 300W
Lumens 16,000 Lm 23,000 Lm 41,500 Lm
Equivalent To 250W MH 400W MH 1000W MH
Mounting Height
10 - 15ft 15 - 20ft 35 - 40ft

All models are available in a White finish with 5000K Cool White light ideal for interior commercial lighting and these are also DLC 5.1 Premium for additional federal and state rebates!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding these or if you’d like a lighting layout and quote for your next lighting project, by giving us a call at (813) 649-8899 or emailing us at

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  • Michael Tomas