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Lumens, Wattage, and Brightness for LED Lighting


When it comes to traditional lighting sources, the materials and manufacture of different lighting was standardized in such a way that wattage determined how bright a light source would be.

For example, one would automatically assume a 250W bulb would be brighter than a 100W bulb.

But what if it were possible these would be equal?

Well, with the advent of LED Lighting, measuring brightness using wattage has become obsolete.

The reason? Well, wattage is simply a measurement of how much energy is used to produce a set amount of light.

Since LED technology is constantly improving and becoming more efficient, the wattage required to power them is decreasing while maintaining similar outputs.

In the example above, we are actually describing our 100W LED Parking Lot Fixtures, which are a 250W MH Equivalent!

But what is the benefit of a lower wattage?

Using less watts to power a fixture means less electrical energy is being used. Over time, this leads to much lower power consumption, leading to additional energy savings!

Some state and federal rebates are also available when switching to LED, leading to even more savings over time!

Well then, how is brightness measured?

Since wattage is no longer the determining factor for brightness, Lumens are instead used to determine how much light is projected on an area.

Lumens are a standardized unit that measures how much light is on a given surface at a given time. For example, a standard 60W A19 Incandescent Light Bulb emits about 800lm.

By switching to a 9W A19 LED Light Bulb, we maintain those 800lm, while only using 15% of the wattage needed.

Since LED technology is constantly evolving and improving efficiency, we can use lumens as a more accurate measurement of the light output to expect from a particular fixture.


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  • Michael Tomas